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In the wake of last night's defeat, I wanted to take the opportunity to pay some due respect to Manchester United's unsung players.

This will mean, I have to show some respect to players I have been unkind too, but this will mean the same for other forum members.

Take for example Park Ji-Sung.

Now, there has been a lot of debate going on about Nani and I think some people single him out unfairly, but I think the consensus is that the guy can be frustrating and part of that is his teamwork.

How good is Park in comparison. His finishing and crossing are below average, but he sure can pass and actually bring the ball forward into enemy territory. He always hustles and on many occasions his hustling has led to goals for his team mates.

In simple words,Park knows his strengths and works his socks off by keeping it simple.

What about Edwin van der Sar?

I must have been one of his biggest critics last season and the early part o this season, but after a few shaky games he has seemed rather solid and of the older players looks most likely to still be able to contribute next season.

Kuszczak might have been good while at West Brom, but a lack of game has seen him look rather nervous when he plays and backup keepers have to be good even when the play seldom. I'm thinking Kuszczak is not as good a deputy as Raimond van der Gouw was.

In wake of recent performances, I got to admit that van der Sar still can do a job and that one of his biggest advocates, Jazz 16, was right not to write him off when myself and others were.

And finally let's give some respect to Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher.

Some say Carrick always gets the kudos he deserves, but I disagree.

His passing and calmness are invaluable to the team. Without Carrick or Fletcher to partner him, Anderson looked a bit lost and frazzled on the pitch last night.

Carrick might not be as good as more illustrous midfielders in the prem, but I feel he's the best we've got at the moment and though he may have an occasional off game, his passing is usually spectacular.

I also have to give some respect to Darren Fletcher and here again, his biggest advocate CROoney was right to defend him when I was giving stick.

He does have his flaws, like getting dispossessed to easily and finding it difficult to complete a pass, but his positioning, defensive work and work rate mean that his midfield partners have more license to roam and that opposing teams get less time on the ball or space especially in midfield or around the penalty box.
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