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The Hammers board recently reiterated their support for current manager Alan Curbishley following a poor recent run, which has included three successive 4-0 defeats.

However Bilic has been tipped with a return to Upton Park and on the prospect of returning to the Premier League, Bilic said in the Daily Telegraph: "Of course I am flattered - I read it in the papers about some clubs.

"On the other hand, it is getting on my nerves because I have my job to do, my job is with Croatia.

"I think it would be stupid (to look beyond the Euros). In football, you have to enjoy it, be ready for any situation, but you can't plan it.

He added: "Money is important for everyone. But the first thing will be sixth sense, what I really feel and the ambition of the potential clubs or the national team.

"I am not saying that I'm going to leave, I'm really enjoying it big time. I have never enjoyed my job like I am enjoying my job with Croatia. I don't really look to move."

I really hope our FA give him a pay rise he deserves - the anmount he's earning at the moment is not worthy of West Bromwich "kitter" . It's disgracefull really

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He was a good player for West Ham, but the old player card doesnt always work.
He seems to be doing a fantastic job with Croatia. Surely you must be happy with
him Croo? Would you be annoyed if some premiership club touted him?
He is a good young manager with a great career ahead.
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