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Manchester City 'to paint Moon blue'

Manchester City owner Dr Suliaman Al Fahim has today announced an ambitious scheme to paint the Moon in the colours of his new football club.

At a press conference this afternoon, the billionaire front man for the Abu Dhabi United Group revealed that plans were already at an advanced stage for an unmanned probe to be launched from a site adjacent to Manchester’s MEN Arena in summer 2010. During multiple orbits of the Moon, the probe would direct prolonged bursts of phosphorus sky blue powder onto the lunar surface. When reflected by the Sun, the powder would emit a vivid blue glow in reference to the popular song Blue Moon, which was covered by the Marcels in 1961, and widely adopted by Manchester City fans as the clubs official anthem.

Following on from the audacious capture of Robinho from Real Madrid, and the reported GBP134m bid for Ronaldo pending in the January transfer window, Dr Suliaman Al Fahim was keen to press home the grand plans he has to make Manchester City the biggest football club in the world. ‘I can think of no more appropriate statement of intent to the world of football than to have the Moon in the sky, over every football club on the planet, proudly displaying the colours of Manchester City FC for all to see’ he said, and went on: ‘Allahu Akbar el fatih al Hughsey’ (God is Great, and so is Hughsey). Possibilities of beaming Manchester City’s upcoming fixtures, special ticket deals and transfer news onto the Blue Moon are also being investigated.

In other news today..... Manchester City spend €125m on Blackcurrant Ribena.
The Manager of GlaxoSmithKline PLC refused to confirm or deny the sale.

Meanwhile midfielder Franck Bilal Ribéry says he is disapointed that Manchester
City have not yet made a bid for him or contacted his club as they had promised.


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Blue Moon, eh? Just like that folk saying "once in a blue moon..." when people mean to refer to something that rarely happens.

Like Peter Kenyon saying something intelligible. :D Painting the moon blue, honestly...

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And don't be surprised if you next hear Peter Kenyon jilting Abramovich for a richer master. :rolleyes:

But going by their craziness, who knows if they may even think of making the city of Manchester somehow looks more blue physically?!!!! Blue buildings, blue pavements, lower-priced blue cars of the same make and model etc :eek:
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