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No 3 is Francis Burns (took me a while that one - the image is approx 1972-73. I did think No2 was Shay Brennan but not so sure now.

The players are walking with the Stretford End behind them, towards the scoreboard end. Best is 11

Could be O'Neill at No 2 or Young. Docherty brought in Alex Forsyth in that role - amazing player.

Players who played in United's No 2 slot from 70 - 74 were:

Tony Dunne - not the image
John Fitzpatrick - not the image
Paul Edwards - not the image
Watson ?
O'Neill ?
Donald ?
Young ?
Forsyth - not the image
Buchan - not the image
Alex Forsyth - not the image
Stewart Houston - possible?

O'Neill held the position for most of the games in this period.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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