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Juventus' UEFA Champions League game with Zenit St Petersburg on Tuesday night could be postponed after an explosion in the city.

A grenade exploded near a metro station close to the Russian team's training ground.

Three people died, including a child, when the device went off inside a taxi.

The driver of the vehicle was also seriously injured. It is not known whether the bomb was intended to be set off in the metro system which was packed with commuters, but the Minister for National Emergencies immediately increased security.

Reports suggest the government could ask European football's governing body Uefa to postpone the match.,19528,11945_4547510,00.html

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UEFA have not received a request for the game to be postponed but they are saying that the Russian government will have the final say on whether the game will go ahead.

However, with the game scheduled to kick off in less than 3 hours there have been no announcements regarding the fixture so it looks like the game will be played.
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