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I was in the pub before the United v Blackburn game and they had Setanta Sports News on. Their betting tipster said his tip of the day was to put money on Rushden & Diamonds beating Weymouth.

The reason being that Rushden are close to liquidation and haven't paid their players this year so they had all gone on strike.

Weymouth had to field a youth team, Rushden won 9-0 and the bookies had to pay out £1m!!!


The Football Association are to question officials at Weymouth and Rushden & Diamonds after suspicious betting on the weekend match between the two clubs.

Weymouth lost 9-0 after their senior players refused to turn out for the Blue Square Premier match because of a dispute over pay.

News of the dispute had spread before the game and bookies took 10 times more than usual in bets on the game - all for a Rushden & Diamonds win.

An FA spokesman said: "We are aware of the concerns and we are investigating unusual betting patterns."

The bookies paid out around £1m but Totesport suspended betting on Saturday morning after "smelling a rat".

Totesport spokesman George Primarolo said: "People have got wind of the team news before the bookies have.

"This sort of thing happens in the lower leagues from time to time."

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Save weymouth fc!

As you might already know, Weymouth is in tremendous problems regarding finances, and they might have to remove the club completely. Having already been demoted down the leagues, it would be a terrible tragedy for the supporters.

Go to this site: Pixel Advertising - Save Our Club - Weymouth FC and you can make a donation of any amount to help out the club

You mention which team you support and the more donations that come from the club, the crest appears larger on the front page

It would be a nice thing to do :)

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Well i go along to Northwich Vics when im not doing anything. This has happened every year for the past four years. Theres always one, two or even three teams who go which means teams in the bottom 4 stay safe. United saved Vics last season because they gave them £80,000 to play the reserves at The Marston Arena

The league and FA are investigating this now.
It's opening up a bit of a can of worms.
Teams that have already played Weymouth arn't happy
as teams that still have to play Weymouth will be facing
a youth team and almost gaurenteed 3 points from the match.

Teams that are still to play Weymouth will therefore have an unfair advantage
over some other teams, especially in the promotion and relegation battles.

The league and FA are going to have to be very carefull on their decisions
as this will set a precedent for all teams right up to the premier league.

Could they not discard all points earned from Weymouth games for every team?
That would affect the league table completely and teams who had battled for points against Weymouth would feel they've been discriminated against.
Then it would change all the "goal for/against" columns.
Then what about their remaining games ?
Weymouth MUST fulfill their fixtures list in accordence of league and FA rules.

Ignore the results of any remaining games as well ?
Teams wouldn't want to play them.

Think if United were top of the league by 2 points have played and beaten a team twice (6 points), Liverpool in 2nd place still to play Weymouth.
Discard United 6 points, we're now into 4th with Pool 5 points clear.
I know i wouldn't be bloody happy about that.

It's a bit of a minefield really.

Bit of a complicated situation then :p

What else can they do though? Any team can choose to play a bunch of academy players if they want to so I don't see that anybody can do anything about it.

Bit of a complicated situation then :p

What else can they do though? Any team can choose to play a bunch of academy players if they want to so I don't see that anybody can do anything about it.
No idea what will happen, that's why legal teams from the league, FA and all clubs in that league (as well as other leagues, including Prem) are tying to solve a bit of a legal nightmare.

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | W | Weymouth | Youngsters chase Weymouth chance

Also about a dozen clubs have offerered their help rgarding players but i think they are only allowed a maximum of 5 loan players.

A good gesture by York City.


"Joint Media Release from York Minstermen & Weymouth FC Supporters’ Club:
22nd February 2009

York City supporters’ solidarity with Weymouth fans

York City supporters’ group the York Minstermen are to sponsor the transport costs of Weymouth fans when the two teams meet at Bootham Crescent on Saturday 28th February.

“We have sent a cheque to Weymouth FC Supporters’ Club to cover the cost of their minibus to Saturday’s game,” said York Minstermen chairman Frank Ormston. “The suggestion was raised by City fans on the Red & Blue internet forum, and we are glad to be able to bring the idea to fruition.

“There is great sympathy amongst City fans for Weymouth’s plight, particularly following their match last Saturday, when the departure of their senior players resulted in them being forced to field youth team players for a Conference Premier game.

“We look forward to welcoming the Weymouth supporters to Bootham Crescent on Saturday.”

Weymouth Supporters’ thanks

Ian White, chairman of Weymouth FC Supporters’ Club said, "This fantastic gesture by York Minstermen is what non-league football is all about.

“The last twenty-four hours since the 9-0 defeat against Rushden has been unbelievable, with hundreds of supporters around the country sending their best wishes and offers of help.

“As always when this sort of thing happens to clubs it is the fans that suffer the most and we are the ones left with nothing.

“Thanks to York Minstermen we will be there this Saturday cheering on whoever turns out for the Terras."

Weymouth FC Fans Forum • View topic - York City Minstermen - WFC Supporters Travel Club

York City supporters also plan on giving Weymouth's young players a standing ovation on Saturday, regardless of the scoreline. :first: :first:

and some people ask why i like and support non league football so much....There's your answer.
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