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Pavlyuchenko bombshell - I dream of playing for United and Berbatov is an 'arrogant snob', says Spurs striker Roman

Spurs fans will no doubt be angered by the comments from the £13.8million buy from Spartak Moscow as they go into the Sunday's Wembley clash against Sir Alex Ferguson's team.

Asked by a Russian journalist whether he wanted to play for United, Pavlyuchenko declared: "It would be wrong not to dream about this.

"I have realised that the English Premier League is exactly why you should start playing football in the first place.

"And Manchester United is the leader of it. Once your first dream comes true you must start dreaming of another target."

But in saying how pleased he was to team up with Robbie Keane at Spurs, he was scathing about Berbatov, who made the move from White Hart Lane to Old Trafford.

"Robbie Keane returned to the Spurs as if he never left the club," he told Gazeta Daily in Moscow.

"It's evident that he's a man of authority inside the team which is good for us. He was always liked as far as I can judge.

"If Berbatov returned it would be taken quite differently. I heard tales that he was an arrogant snob who after a training session would just throw his dirty boots to the man who takes care of our footwear saying: 'Clean them for me!'

"No one likes such people. Still he's now playing for Manchester United."

The Russia international went on to speak about his rivalry with Darren Bent.

"There are no bitter feelings between us about being competitors," he said.

"Yes, in one of his interviews he threatened to leave if he's kept on the bench. But that's natural, no disrespect to me. I treat him as one of my partners. Competition is fine by me."

Enlarge Carling fizz: Pavlyuchenko fires home Spurs' third goal in the Carling Cup semi-final triumph over Burnley
Pavlyuchenko said he was determined to show United how good he is in tomorrow's clash.

"I very much want to score in that match," he said.

Arrogant? United's former Spurs striker Berbatov
"We lost to them in FA Cup. So the game is very important for us. First of all because it's about a title. In football you need to win titles.

"So far I have only won the Russian Cup with Spartak and would like to feel those winner's emotions again.

"Secondly, it's a ticket to the UEFA Cup. Third, it means a chance to avenge our previous loss.

And fourth, it will boost our self-assurance. It's hard to over-estimate the importance of that match." He hit back at critics who say he has failed to score as much in the league as in cup competitions.

"They are free to say whatever they want. I can only tell them that to play and score is hard in any game here.

"I wasn't inflicted with as many bumps, bruises and scars in my whole career in Russia as in a half a season in England. And I'm 27 years old."

But he stressed: "I can tell you more: despite all the bumps and problems I'm very happy. I've come into the world where they do everything so that playing football brought joy."
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