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Bordeaux target Silvestre swoop

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Bordeaux coach Laurent Blanc is reportedly planning to raid former club Manchester United for Mikael Silvestre.

Reports emanating from France suggest Blanc has made his former Old Trafford team-mate one of his top summer transfer targets.

With David Jemmali set to leave Bordeaux at the end of the season after turning down a new deal, Blanc is in need of defensive reinforcements and sees Silvestre as an ideal replacement.

Blanc is a big admirer of Silvestre and he is believed to have enquired about the French international last summer.

Silvestre's future at United is uncertain as he has just one-year remaining on his contract and he is well down the pecking order at Old Trafford.

The 30-year-old could be tempted to return to France for regular first-team football and the prospect of Champions League football at Bordeaux next season could sway Silvestre's decision.

TargetsMeanwhile, Bordeaux are believed to be keeping tabs on Yoann Gourcuff and Jeremy Menez as possible replacements for Johan Micoud.

Micoud is set to quit Bordeaux in the summer leaving Bordeaux with a huge void to fill and Blanc is drawing up his list of targets.

Milan starlet Gourcuff could be an option as he is thought to be considering a loan move away from the San Siro after struggling to establish himself at the Rossoneri.

Tottenham, Marseille and some Italian clubs are believed to be monitoring Gourcuff's situation.

Monaco midfielder Menez has been a long-term target for Bordeaux with Les Girondins missing out to Monaco for the player's signature when he left Sochaux in 2006.

Menez has just over a year to run on his contract at Monaco and they could be tempted to sell for a big offer rather than risk losing him for nothing next summer.
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for me it's not that good news...he is a blunder prone just like brown ( although a little less prone and a lot faster than wes ), true, but unlike wes he can actually be a good LB... he is a good LB but he needs to be kept away from our CB spot just like wes should be .... anyway - he's better LB than wes is an RB and he's approximately same CB as Wes... so - a good back-up to have imo
manutd004 said:
I would agree that it is not good news.

Yes, when he plays at CB I spend the whole 90 mins worrying. But he is a very good left-back and is very reliable as a no 2, if you like, to Evra.

He is quick, good tackler and actually has a great cross on him.

I hope he stays in all honesty.
spot on...btw that part abou him as a cb - you totally described my emotions when seeing brown play there--- i swear
stretty said:
i cannot believe how fickle all you lot are , i for one will be sorry to see him leave he has been a very good player for us , big strong and athletic and a great left back .
he has filled in at centre half when required , evra is okay he is constantly out of position and has no end product going forward , but he is getting better.
i think if it had not been for his injuries he would have been no1.
dont forget evras first matches for us he looked crap , also there are not many defenders out there who dont make the occasional **** up
huh ??? how mamy times have you seen someone dribbled passed evra ? he's a cnostant treath and provides great low crosses
Jazz 16 said:
Id be sad to see him leave. Great pro and over 360 games for United,
which is amazing. can play Cb or Lb and would provide great cover.
I saw him in a few reserve games and a pl game or 2 and to be fair
he seemed quite fresh and sharp. After a summer of training and preparing
he will be exactly what United need for next season, a willing, versatile,
capable and dependable player. I hope he stays but wouldnt blame him
or be too surprised if he left. Good luck to him either way. Great servant.
he didn't get a prem medal did he ? he doesn't have 10 or more apperances right ?
Drew9 said:
this isn't good news at all, it means more money to be spent in an area which we could really do without. nothing wron with mikael thik we should reject it and keep him for cover and as for that comment about wes in the opening response :| thats ridiculous obviously havent seen much of wes this season have you crooney, it's a awful shout to be fair wes is miles more consistant that silvestre but can be ueful if evra is not availible
believe me i have..he's had a good season but not great as many of you suggest.... don't make me start numbering mistakes he's made in the last season and a half, coz i remembered it to back up my replies for some of you who think he's been "great"...btw - just standing at the rb spot doesn't mean that you've done great... as for CB - give me Silvestre over Brown anyday..the guy can actually run...
oh and wes is miles more consistant ??? by which standard - name me mistakes silvestre's made and i'll find you a dozen more from brown...
i don't want to be harsh but to say something like that you must have a really good argument to back it up...miles more consistant ... - that sounds like vidic . not like wes...
Drew9 said:
silvestre hasn't made any mistakes cos he hasn't played lol, us true supporters get just a little bit annoyed when people that dont go and watch the lads live often, just follow us when we're lifting titles or what ever dont slate a local lad like brown it un-fair and anyone will tell you (anyone whos been to old trafford this season) that wes has been a rock, he must of been to still be keeping gary neville out of the side still and garys been fit for over 2 months now, so crooney as far as im aware i do have a 'really good arguement' and all true united fans will agree with me
ALL TRUE UNITED FANS FROM MANCHESTER , RIGHT ? COZ believe me, some of you UK fans are not unbiased towards your own players ...Ask anyone outside UK who is not a United fan what's the weakest link of United team - and at least 80% of them will tell you Wes Brown. Now I wouldn't be saying this to any non-united supporter coz I like Wes... He plays for United , I really like him - but not as much as I like others... And he's probably a Tottenham material , but not United. Listen - I'm not blaming him, it's not his fault but I'd like a little reality please ...So, you're talking about consistency. At old Trafford ? Well - an assist to Dean Ashton( yes, he headed it straight to dean ) , and Alfonso Alves ( totally mistimed jump) in 2 out of 5 matches he's played as a CB says enough about consistency. Furthermore , he let the West Ham player alone with VDS at the 6 yard box, but luckly rio was there to cover him and that player had no option but to shoot it wide ( he was alone 1 on 1 with VDS , and rio had to come all the way from his position to cover for Brown ). Against Barca at Nou Camp it is needless to say who was the man who lost possesion to Eto'o who then tried passing it to Messi, but luckily Carrick was there to intercept the pass. We're talking about their finest chance to score! Against Chelsea he almost made my hart stop in our first attack of the match where he headed ball wide to vds, forcing him to come from the line all the way outside the box thus allowing Ballack,I think, to intercept it, because it was too slow , but luckily he missed a chance to score with no GK on goal ( oh and who's job was to cover Ballack's free header.... )...There's more - do you happen to remember Roma's first goal a year ago at Rome ? Taddei scored , after he was left unmarked by Brown in the box ( yes, Brown was covering no one at that time ). And at their second goal scored by Mirko Vucinic he was "covering" Vucinic. Him, not Rio or Vida...Last season's match against Pompey ( or Everton, I'm not sure ) when Mendes scored that goal from just outside the area, he was left 1 on 1 with Wes with Brown being late to cover his shot thus allowing him to shoot. And this season's 1/4 finals 2 nd leg against Roma at OT he executed an awfully late, mistimed, unneccessary tackle which was rewarded as a penalty. True, Mancini dived, but Brown never touched the ball. If you don't believe me, I'll paste an image ...
oh - just remembered another one - this year against roma at olympico - he let the ball flip him over to fall directly to panucci's feet who missed a chance that was easier to score than to miss
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RedForceRising said:
I will never understand how we don't agree on Fletcher!

Everything there needs to be said about Brown or around 90% is contained in this post. Awesome stuff.

Has he improved a lot? Yeah, but we're not talking about crap to gold here, we're talking maybe crap to rusty metal......

I think it has a lot to do with how people watch football. Everybody watches the match, but how many just follow the ball and how many are actually paying attention and watching how Rooney and Ronaldo are stretching the defence, where Evra is standing in relation to Vida..... and on the numerous occasions where Wes Brown is NOT STANDING where he should be!

WE should actually embed videos highlighting Wes Brown's horror shows to remind people of what they missed during the games.
BTW....isn;t this about Silvestre :)
I've thought of that numerous of times
eoininho said:
I agree, as long as he stays as far away from centre half as possible he's excellent cover for Evra!
I dont think Wes can be regarded as blundre prone anymore??

read my last few posts
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