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Boro bid for Ronaldinho

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Middlesborough have reportedly made a cheeky £10m bid for Barca star Ronaldinho. :eek:

From Sky Sports...

Middlesbrough are reported to have lodged a bid for Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho.

Reports in Catalunya, including their leading daily Sport, claim that despite all the rumours surrounding Ronaldinho and his future, Boro are the only firm bidders so far.

Milan and Chelsea are known admirers and look set to go head-to-head to land the 27-year-old - if and when he is made available by Barca, who continually insist that he is staying at Camp Nou.

Now lowly Boro - who have a firm liking for Brazilians having signed eight over the past decade - have seemingly made what appears to be a cheeky bid for Ronaldinho as reports state their offer is as low as 15million euros (£10million).

Boro, whose support has continued to dwindle this term, would love to have a repeat of the Juninho era, which although was destined to failure, saw sell-outs at The Riverside on a weekly basis - interest which the club has not been able to rekindle.

However, even though Boro's bid has been acknowledged - it seems doomed to failure as even if Barca accepted, Ronaldinho is highly unlikely to sacrifice his Barcelona career for a team which now has only memories of European football rather than ambitions of it.

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no way on earth would Ronaldinho even consider moving to them!
RichardsReds said:

deep breath

i totally agree, 100%

Great Post. :rolleyes:
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