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Sir Alex has clarified recent media reports suggesting he's dismissed Chelsea as title contenders because the Blues' squad is too old.

National newspapers ran with the story after the United manager sat down with journalists in Durban during the Reds' pre-season trip to South Africa.

Many articles were accompanied by sensational headlines, while one daily paper sought reaction from a Help The Aged spokesperson and claimed Sir Alex had branded Chelsea “a bunch of old codgersâ€.

These were the manager's actual words:

“[Chelsea] are an experienced side. I'm not saying necessarily that they're old because with the modern-day training methods you should be playing in your 30s.

“What I'm saying is that I don't see outstanding progress coming from a team that's in their 30s.â€

In Johannesburg on Friday afternoon, speaking ahead of the Vodacom Challenge final, Sir Alex was keen to clear the air.

“I can clarify [those comments] quite easily,†he said.

“Ask the English journalists what they did with the story – they put a headline on it and it ends up embarrassing you.

“What I said was that Chelsea are a very experienced team, and when players get to their 30s you don't expect a big improvement from them.

“I also said they will be a big challenge to us, as will the other two clubs [Arsenal and Liverpool]. I don't think there's much between the top four clubs.â€

Sir Alex also insisted recent comments attributed to Carlos Tevez on the future of Cristiano Ronaldo were untrue.

Tevez was quoted as saying he believed Ronaldo should be allowed to leave Old Trafford if that's what he desires. But the United manager refuted Tevez had issued the quotes.

“Carlos Tevez did not say that,†he said.

“At this moment in time we're driven by a mad media who have to get stories out every day.

“I can't wait for the season to start so we can get back to some sense of normality and we can all settl down to play football again. These guys in the press are just crazy.â€

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Is it any surprise really?

The media need to sell newspapers. Headlines such as "Sir Alex in Chelsea jibe" sell more newspapers than "Sir Alex says Chelsea are a threat."

The Tevez situation is the same. "Tevez says Ronaldo should be allowed to go" sells more than "Tevez says Ronaldo should stay."

Thats the World of the media for you!

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i love what fergie said in that interview if you watch the video on skysports website he keeps looking at the newspaper jurnos he pointed out u can tell hes really peed with it all and tbh he looks tired, i think thats why he said he cant wait for the season to start, i think id feel the same if i were him

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I think it raises an interesting point.

Who will be our main challengers next year?

Chelsea have been very,very good over the last few seasons.

Arsenal were excellent last season and but for a few injuries and their defeat at Old Trafford could have won it.

Liverpool are rubbish but if they sign Keane and Barry could be challengers until January :D
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