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Hey guys, some of you might be insterested in hearing about the famous Brazilian football, so here is some infos of this week important matches.

This 2 weeks (last week and this week) are very important for Brazilian football, because its having the states finals.

Each state here has it own championship, they take place in the first 4 months until the Brazilian Championship starts.

There are 4 important state championship, Rio de janeiro ( Botafogo, flamengo,fluminense and vasco da gama) São Paulo (Palmeiras,santos,Corinthians and são paulo), Minas Gerais (Cruzeiro and Atlético Mineiro) and Rio grande do sul (Internacional and Gremio).

In Rio de janeiro, the final is Botafogo(my team hehe) against flamengo. Both games are played in Maracanã,first game Botafogo lost, 1 - 0 to flamengo, but we had 4 players out, 2 by contusion, 2 suspended, this final match, 2 will be back, Botafogo will be the champion! (sunday game)

Last week Botafogo was champion of Rio de janeiro second turn, the taça rio, Against Fluminense. The sunday before last game.

In São paulo, the final is Palmeiras, wich the manager is Vanderley Luxemburgo, he was Real madrid manager in 2005, against Ponte preta, a team that is not so famous, never won anything. First match was in Ponte preta stadium, and palmeiras won 1 - 0.

In minas, the finals is between the 2 rivals, Cruzeiro against Atlético Mineiro, the first match was 5 - 0 to cruzeiro, so if atlético mineiro wants to be the champion it must beat cruzeiro by 6 - 0. Cruzeiro there is a player that i think that Manchester should buy, its Guilherme, he is only 19 years old, he is very good( forward center, like tevez), his as fast as Tevez but his taller so he makes alot of head goals. This is a kind of joke video, made by a news channel here in brazil.

In Rio grande do sul the final is Internacional, 2006 world champion, against Juventude, a less famous team, first match was in juventude stadium, juventude won 1 - 0, with a goal in the last minute.

If anyone wanna talk more about Brazilian football, my email is [email protected], My msn messenger is [email protected]!

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reddwarf said:
The only time I've watched a Brazilian club team is when Vasco da Gama beat us 3-1 in the World Club Championship 8 years ago.
last 3~4 years, vasco is the worst team in Rio de janeiro...


Edmundo, the one that scored the last goal against manchester is back to Vasco, 37 years old, a few weeks ago romário retired.

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Ive always enjoyed watching sao paolo the odd time ive caught brazilian football on the box other than them I have little intrest but as for the national team they are a team I would pay good money to watch always entertaning

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reddwarf said:
The only time I've watched a Brazilian club team is when Vasco da Gama beat us 3-1 in the World Club Championship 8 years ago.
Oh, I rmbed watchin' that match when I was only 7. That Butt goal was awesome too! And could anybody tell me how the (expletives deleted) was Corinthians Paulista relegated?! :confused:

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Brazilian_BFR said:
whats relegated
The relegation scheme is a process that takes place at the end of each season in which teams are transferred between divisions. It's the time when the worst-ranked teams in the higher division are relegated (or demoted) to the lower division. This process may continue down through several levels, with teams being exchanged between levels 1 and 2, levels 2 and 3, levels 3 and 4, and so on. ;)

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here in brazil its called, rebaixamento, lol, some times the biggest teams here in Brazil, are relegated, it happened to Botafogo,Fluminense (they went to 3rd division),Gremio,Atlético mineiro,palmeiras, and now Corinthians.

It's 'common' here, because of the presidents that steal money from the clubs and stuff like that, in corinthians, the problem was that in 2005 when they were brazilian champions, the team that had Tevez and Mascherano was administrated by MSI, a russian company, that was envolved with gangs and stuff like that, in 2007 they where expelled from the club by the council and the president opposition and took all the players that they payed for, such as Tevez,Mascherano,Carlos Alberto(UCL champion for PORTO) and a bunch of other players... So the players left were horrible and the team didnt got enough points to stay in the first division

The partnership with MSI
At the end of 2004, the club signed contract of partnership
with the investment group MSI (Media Sports
Investment), led by Iranian Kia Joorabchian. The
agreement stipulated that the partnership should last for ten years.
The group pledged to take care of the department
hiring of professional football club athletes,
paying wages, debts, and promised the construction of
a stage [36]. This contracted players from the club
Renowned as the Argentines Carlitos Tevez and Javier
Mascherano, in addition to the Brazilian Nilmar, Roger, Carlos
Alberto, among others.
With the partnership, in the first half of 2005 the club
managed the vice state championship. In Championship
Brazilian, the time has come to be the last to positions
beginning of the competition. But from the fourth round
team, with a series of 5 consecutive wins if
pose as a candidate for winning the title. During the
championship, the team was led by three technical
different: Daniel Passarella, and by Márcio Bittencourt
Finally, and ultimately, Antonio Lopes.

The President Lula receives the Corinthians in Plateau.
Finally, on December 4, 2005, the Corinthians
reached its fourth title in the Brazilian city of
Goiania, even losing to the team from Missouri, as the
SC International, the only team that still had
chances of being champion, next to the Corinthians,
lost his departure in Curitiba. [37]
With the victory, the players went to the Palace of
Visit the Plateau State President Lula, who is
fan of Corinthians. [38]
In 2006, the goal of the Corinthians was the greatest achievement
Unprecedented the Copa Libertadores. In the month of March,
the technician asked Antonio Lopes resigned, and in its place
assumed the interim assistant Ademar Braga, and
effective after some wins. In the Libertadores Cup, the
Corinthians managed to rank as the first in its
group and faced the River Plate of Argentina in octaves -
de-final. In the beginning back in the Pacaembu, the Corinthians
would, as in 2003, eliminated from the competition by
Argentine club. Revoltados, many fans had a
serious confrontation with police within the
The Pacaembu Stadium in an attempt to invade the field of
game, causing the closure early departure.

Corinthians in departure against Cruzeiro in the Mineirăo
Brazilian Championship 2006.
On May 14, Ademar Braga was replaced by
Mountainman, who started his second run by the club.
But a series of consecutive losses, which leave the
time in the area of lowering of the Brazilian Championship
2006, have made it be dismissed [40]. For the
its place, was hired the former goalkeeper Emerson Leon, who
defended the club in the decade of 1980. Coinciding with the
arrival of Leon, the main players on the list came out
the club suddenly [41]. In the remainder of the year,
no team has achieved good results, and the beginning of 2007
the exits were numerous. With the MSI partner in conflict
with the club, the money for investment in players
dear was discarded. With that, they were hired
little-known players [42].
In the Paulista Championship, 2007, the team started well, but
from the fourth round of income fell more than
several players leaving the club. With that, there was a
drop in income, which caused the
Emerson resignation Leon For the latest departure in
and even a state of the Brazil Cup, the technical interim
Jose Augusto was assigned. After this, the Corinthians
engaged the technical Paulo Cesar Carpeggiani. [43] With
he was hired several athletes of Bragantino,
team semifinalista the Paulista Championship, and received,
return the borrowed Gustavo Nery, in addition to close contract
Vampeta experienced with the steering wheel [44].
[edit] End of the partnership, crisis and kneeling

Sánchez, president of Corinthians.
On July 24, the board voted corintiano
in a unanimous agreement by the end of the MSI, which
should last until 1 December 2014. In the week
The following President Alberto Dualib and its vice Nesi Cury
asked expulsion of the presidency for 60 days, before
assembly on August 7 that would decide the
expulsion for an indefinite period of both. With this,
a vice president, Clodomil Orsi, took
corintiana the interim presidency. [45] At the end of
the following month, Paulo Cesar Carpeggiani has left the post of
's technical Corinthians [46].
The post was taken over by Jose Augusto, [47] coach in
categories of basic corintianas. Zé Augusto commanded the
team in England until the defeat against
Palmeiras [48] in September, when it was replaced by
Nelsinho Baptista. [49] Also that month, Alberto Dualib
definitively renounced the presidency of Corinthians,
after suffering pressure from the board to leave the office to
be charged with corruption, money laundering and training
the square. [50] After this, the process was open to
new elections, held on October 9. The victory was
by Andrés Sanchez, former ally of Dualib and the MSI. [51]
During the last 9 rounds of the Brazilian, 2007, the
Corinthians was threatened by descent to Series B. With
the end of the tournament, in December 2, 2007, even
empatando with Grêmio, the club finished the competition in
17 th place, and lowered the Series B tournament
Brazilian. [52] [53] In contrast, the Under-17 team
succeeded his third title of the Paulista Championship [54],
completing a series of 56 matches without defeat [55].

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brazil and argentina always produce to most gifted and best footballers around in the world when it comes to raw talent. Because there is so much money invloved EU football though, alot of these guys are taken from brazil very young and early...sometimes too early for some so its kinda harsh on the brazilians and co but they keep producing more and more, its quite amazing!
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