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A piece of breaking news has just come out. Adriano has been told to go home by Mourinho after turning up late to training.

Apparently he was spotted partying at a club into the early hour of the morning with Ronaldinho. :)

At any rate he tried to apologise but Mourinho was having none of it. He informed Adriano he would be benched for the Fiorentina match.

Adriano left, visibly upset. What I don't understand is why he would do this now. He was just getting back to form scoring & played well all round.

After all he has the talent to be one of the best. I just don't get why he couldn't restrain himself until Christmas vacation at least.

Hypothetically if he did end up parting ways with Inter & if we didn't have Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo etc...

Would anyone welcome Adriano at United? Remember if we DIDN'T have Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez etc.


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This is hugely disappointing for Inter, and I would say Adriano but its his fault.

Hes got a lot to offer, and is a great striker.

However, he has serious problems. Just when it looks like hes going towards being a professional and getting back on top form, he strays again.

And if we had a space in our frontline, I wouldn't mind signing Adriano the player.

However, because of his baggage I wouldn't touch him with a bargepole.
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