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sphinx said:
If I knew which records there were I'd conteplate about which ones can be broken, but I don't. Beating Chelsea is very possible, they seem flawed nowadays, I can only hope that we do it.

As for Wes Brown, he scores one important goal for us and now he's the best right back in the world. Get down to earth, I wouldn't say that he had an incredible game yesterday, yeah, he scored the goal, a flash of brilliance, but so what? Every player does something like that at least once a season. He got COMPLETELY wrong footed by Torres yesterday, ran the wrong way, has everyone forgotten about that? My opinion on Wes hasn't changed just becuase of a goal versus Liverpool.
Totally agree. Its like when Nicky Butt left United. He was an excellent player for us but not indispensible.

Would love to see him sign new contract and see out his career with United. He is a Manc through and through after all but he aint worth 75k a week. If he wants money to win over his love for United and the fans then that is his choice.
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