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Of what comparing football nowadays to football years and years ago?

For me, my Bring Back would be terracing.

Obviously when someone heres 'terracing', Hillsbrough comes to mid quickly, but as tragic as it was, it was a badly, badly patrolled event. The technology is there nowadays to permit safe numbers into the blocks and have an enjoyable game.

My Get Rid would be the diving.

Look at videos from games before 2000 and you'd see maybe a dive in every 100 games! It never happened before and nowadays, its rather unusal if theres no diving in a game. Its cheating to win and not nice to see.

Interested in other things that spring to mind for some.....

An example of newly developed terracing in Germany where things all run smoothly.


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Bring back: proper boots that are not like silk slippers with no protection!

Get rid: Same as Keano pretty much, was very prominent at Euro 08 and it's play acting pretending to be injured to get game stopped when 'injured' players team is under pressure
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