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Who would you bring back?

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Who'd you bring back to play in the United shirt?

Everyone's seen magical moments and sad ones too as players have left us. You
are given the ability to bring one player who used to play for United back to play
for us, who would it be?

Edwards, Best, Charlton, Schmeichel, Solskjaer, Beckham, Law, Cantona,
Keane...are a few that spring to one's mind, but the list goes on and on and on
and on.

The above ones are in a poll (Only able to add 10), above but feel free to
bring back any player you could ;)

Lets go......

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For me Duncan Edwards is by far the player who I'd most like to see. We've had some great players but for Sir Bobbby Charlton to say he was the best then he must have been incredible.

Plus we've got loads of video footage of Best, Cantona, Keane ect (aswell as memories) but there is very little of Edwards.

1. Duncan Edwards

2. George best - Best player ever accordong to Pele and De Stefano - need I say more?

3. This is a tie between Sir Bobby Charlton, Roy Keane and Eric Cantona.

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Le Roi.

He was the icing on the cake. I loved watching him. One of the few players, I would put in the Legend category. I'm too young to know the rest.

Some might argue that would be a reason to bring back an older player......

If that were the case, it would be George Best.

But for his presence, aura and genius, I voted Canotna.

Keane is upthere too. My fave midfield general.
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