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Who would you bring back?

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I found it really difficult to pick between Best, Charlton, Law, Cantona and Keane but in the end I went for Denis Law.

We all know this squad is lacking a goal scoring striker and, Ruud Van Nistelrooy apart, Law was the best we've had.

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I'd love it if we still had Ruud. He always seemed to be there lurking and in the
right place at the right time. Rooney also had developed a great partnership, but
Saha wedged himself in between them and Ruud was unhappy about it.

All over that Carling Cup final:(

Ruud was a great great player for us in many ways.

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After watching some old footage of United recently, I was tempted to go for either Best or Charlton but in the end I chose Edwards.

From the stories I've heard he was going to be a true footballing legend. He could play virtually anywhere on the pitch and had every attribute you could wish for. If it weren't for the Munich Air Disaster, we could have been talking about Edwards as the greatest footballer of his time. I would bring him back to give him a fair crack of the whip.

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VaVaVoom said:
Yeah but Edwards is a myth when you think about it........ im going by what i know.
George or Eric for me:)
Its better to go by what you know

i wouldnt say a myth....:mad:
as great people have said great things about Edwards, also the potential and greatness was showing from him before MUNICH, but the best of him after wasnt able to shine because of the disaster. so lets think of him in his last game against red star belgrade and just under 5 seasons before, (after footage ive seen) i think he would shine in the Manchester United team of 2008/2009.

as im only 19 i havent seen many of them play live, i have seen many videos, dvds and heard great things but . . . . . . . . ill have to be loyal to my name and go for ole!!! lol :)

If You Could Bring Back One United Player...

...Who would it be? And why?

My choice would be Duncan Edwards. The stories I read about him and the accolades
he receives from true legends of the game make he sad that I never got the pleasure
of watching him play. By all accounts, he could play in every position on the pitch and
was very good in all of them. So if it were possible to have some sort of Lazarus
machine, I'd bring the the great Duncan Edwards.

Who would you pick?

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I think this was already a thread once. But I would bring back George Best, he was the best player of all time. Not to mention, how about this line-up:




Quite tasty if you ask me.

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piazza said:
I think this was already a thread once.
I'm sure it was I remember there being a poll in it as well.

Either way I said Duncan Edwards then and I'll say him again. From the stories I've heard he was set to be the best in the world and was robbed of that sadly in '58.

I'd love to see Best back as well because he was simply a genius.

But Edwards edges it for me because of the fact that he never really got the chance to show the world his full potential.

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This is a hard question.

If I was to pick ANYONE, I would pick Duncan Edwards as well, simply because he was taken off this Earth far too early, and didn't get the opportunity to prove what many say about him being the best in the World or to become a legend of the game.

However, if I was to pick a player who would have the biggest influence onthe team, or a player that I think we're in need of, I would bring back either a young Schmeichel or Roy Keane.

Schmeichel because Van Der Sars form this season has been a bit erratic this season, and Keane because I think we're lacking a genuine leader in midfield. Can't narrow it down to one though ;)

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I think football needs a personality like him.

He was a top dog, he knew it, and even when everyone and everything was stacked against him, he came out on top.

The closest I see to him, in terms of impact on football, is mourinho.
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