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-zuco- said:
Keane isn't even close to being good enough to manage United. His man management is shocking and he's poor in the transfer market. He spend shit loads of money on players that didn't gel together and put Sunderland in an awful position in the table. If he can't manage the egos at Sunderland then he has zero change of managing the egos at United. Besides, there isn't a bigger ego than Keano's, the man thinks he's a God when really he's a very poor manager. I don't want him anywhere near my football team.
oh come on!!! Keane performed miracles at Sunderland (Promotion, consolidation
in the Prem). He bought a few duds in the transfer market but so does every
manager. The team he left is the one that's currently in midtable .
(same players more or less)

When he left they were in the bottom few, but they were always gonna be safe.
We know how tight the league is down there. Roy would have got them out easily.
The players they have (that Roy bought) are mid table players, and NOT relegation boys.

We have to remember his character also, he doesnt suffer fools gladly as well as
his perfectionism, which probably alienated some players. He has his faults, which
he knows himself. Maybe he is too honest for his own good at times, but it
ultimately proved to be his downfall on a couple of occasions.

And who said he couldnt manage the ego's? The team were always going to take
time to gel anyway, cos there were so many new players. Last time Sunderland
were in the Prem they were a laughing stock, so they have come a LONG way thanks to Keane.
In a sense he was 'upgrading' his players to deal with the
new challenges ahead. Some paid off, some didnt and he will have learnt from it.

And to mention the fact it was his FIRST managerial job. Look at all the other
100's of managers who have failed in their time. Keane did a good job as
manager but his time had ran its course, but we never know with Keane,
he could be back someday to manage at United.
Obviously Id be thrilled if that happened, but he would have to go off
and get more experience first.

If Fergie were to retire tomorrow Id take Steve Bruce if only those 3 were on offer. (in reply to the OP)

and I cant believe the bit I highlighted :eek: after ALL Keane has done for United,
you can be that dismissive and unappreciative? :rolleyes:
As United's greatest and most successful captain, he deserves more respect.

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-zuco- said:
You mention that he left a team in the bottom 3 and now the same group of players are mid table.....I don't know why you're mentioning that because it makes Keane look bad.
He may have been in the bottom 3 but if you had seen the table at the time
there was only a handful of points between over half the teams in the whole
league ffs.
Couple of wins and he would have been right out of, and they had/have the
players to do it. (Keane's players)

-zuco- said:
As for 'consolidation in the Prem', how exactly is the relegation zone 'consolidation'?

I never said that.
I stated achievements....
He was manager there during 3 seasons.
Season 1 - Promotion
Season 2 - Consolidation in the Prem (which was the achievement I was talking about)

The last 2 times Sunderland were up they capitulated under McCarthy and
became the worst team in Prem history. (since overtaken by Watford I believe)
So this WAS a great achievement led by Roy Keane.

Season 3 - Left when they were in the bottom few, but was only a couple of points off midtable.
It looked worse than the situation suggested.

I may have pointed out some of his flaws and weaknesses but Im only trying to
give a balanced view of his tenure at Sunderland.
I know Ill defend Keane till the cows come home, but I (like him) can point out his faults.

It doesnt mean he is not capable of being manager at United one day.
Is he capable? Who knows? Only time will tell what Keane does next.
What I do know is that we will ALL be watching,
cos Keane is box office material for the journo's and ourselves.

You always say give players a chance and give players time to prove their worth.
so why cant we do the same for managers? which is arguably a much tougher job
than being a player. It was his first job and he did well. He will have learnt a lot
from it, and Im sure we will see him again at some point. Good luck to him, wherever he goes.
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