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I think out of the three mentioned Bruce is the best choice for United. He has had fair bit of expience in coaching but they all have been relegation threatened, mid table or championship teams so I really don't know what will he be like managing a top club and how will he cope with the high epectations from the fans if he does replace Fergie.

Keano is too unpredictable and very much volatile and I don't think he may be the right man for United. He has done a good job at Sunderland but has made a few crucial mistakes. He is too honest and his fiery nature will always come in the way of success.

Hughes hasn't really been able to do a good job at City even with ample of talent and lots of money to spend. He did a good job at Rovers without much resources but I don't think he can make the cut to manage United.

Personally I don't think we should get a former player to manae the club instead get a good manager who has had success at the top level.

Only time will tell and till then it is all hunky-dory with Sir Alex at the helm.....
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