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I read this thread on another site and thought it was great thinking.
C. Ronaldo is tall, strong in the air and a great finisher. I think we are lacking a main striker, but of what we have he is best suited to that role. I think Rooney would return to his best if he was played in his natural position as a shadow striker. All of Rooney's best attributes are as an attacking midfielder behind the main striker. He is not really a finisher. Ronaldo would offer the wide players a target in the box to cross to, whereas Rooney and Tevez are short and do not give an aerial threat. I would like to say that I am not really I a fan of the whole frontline rotating positions, I think there should be a main striker that stays right at the top for the whole game. In matches this season we have dominated, but there has not been a player in the box to score the chances. Ronaldo has all the attributes required to be the main striker. Also he has been marked out of alot of games this season on the wing, so maybe he would have more freedom as the main striker. What does everyone thin






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