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can anyone second guess fergie ? who will start and who will miss out ?

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so difficault to second guess fergie? so c'mon who's gonna start, what formation will we play ? what will the subs be, and who will miss out all together ? :confused: so difficault for the manager i wouldnt want to be put in his shoes for this situation :cool:
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wow you wouldnt put saha in the squad, or nani
fair enough arbucks, i dont really think he deserves it either but wil our lack of physical options up front it think he's certain to be on the bench s for the other i cannot call it, i think the back 5 picks it's self, but then isit hargreaves or park ? isit carrick or anderson we know scholes starts for certain and of course does fergie go for two up front or maybe 3 in the 4-3-3
scott, fergie loves what saha brings to the table (not the injuries) but he's the only player who an give us a target to play off up front so i dont doubt that he will be on the bench however he wont start .. hving said that i believe there are far more deserving players to be given a chance it would be harsh to sacrifice fletch or nani for the sake of saha who hasn't given a lot in the season as a whole
not a bad opinion scott mate, but i cant see 1 tevez not starting and 2 saha not being in, as much as i've resented him this season we do need another option and he ca give us that so i hope fergie does go with him :) i cant decide if i want park or hargreaves out there :Z
anderson playing left side, i dont think thats likely ... maybe if you play 3 central midfielders and three forwards but other than that i cant see ando starting which is a shame cos maybe he warrants it ? having said that i could leave hargo out, this is why we bought hargreaves for games like this so he has to play
yeah i see what your saying, but it's a european final mate, i cant see us trying something out that is out of the ordinary to us, i dont know how many other people that have noticed this but i dont think michael carrick plays to his best when we play chelsea, he gets harried and pushed off the ball by the likes of essien, i think maybe a midfield 3 of anderson hargreaves and scholes could fit the bill but who knows ...
i couldnt leave tevez out, in fact just behind rio and ronaldo he'd be the first name on my team sheet
lol good shout, the waiting is doing my head in
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