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Whether he gets it this season or next season doesnt make too much
difference. He will deserve it in my eyes. Anyone that actually says he
doesn't deserve it isnt a true fan in my eyes.

Forget his form this season and look at the whole picture.
For people with short memories....he got in the team of the season
for the whole Premiership just last season.
He has been terrorising defences for longer than some of you are alive.
Giggs deserves this record but most of all this legend deserves our respect.
I cant wait till he breaks the record.

13 to equal it but he has made way more sub appearences than Sir its 14 games till the record. It will be a memorable day.
Hopefully it can be this season the same day he picks the trophy up for the
10th time, which is ridiculously good in this day and age.
A record that will never ever be beaten.

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red_devils4life said:
I wouldn't say that the record of medals haul will not be broken if Anderson stays until 30+. He's ONLY 19 this year FFS! If he wins one this season, 9 more to go & it will equal that of Giggsy ;)
lol thats very optimistic of you. It could happen but its very unlikely.
We pretty much had a monopoly on th ePremiership in the 90's.
Not many teams could get near us....
and despite opinions that the 'top4' are getting stronger than the rest,
I dont believe that one bit. The likes of Chelsea and Arsenal will be there
and there abouts for years to come, and the likes of Pool, Villa, blackburn,
Everton and City will always have the strength to cause us problems.

I believe Giggs' record of Prem medals will never be beaten.
Its impossible in my eyes.....
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