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Can torres now replace ronaldo as a big game bottler

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Ronaldo has a rep for not making it count in the big games. Never seen what people are talking about but torres cant cope with a decent defence. Look at the two games at Anfield and OT. NO GOALS. Champ League on Wed NO GOALS. Only scored 4 in Champ League all season.

He is a good player but wouldnt get into the United XI over anyone else.
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You make an interesting point. Ive thought this to myself. Granted, this is his first season and liverfools would be far worse off without him. At OT, he had rio and vidic on his ass the whole game - would you be successfull? :D

Saying this not as a man utd fan but, give him time.
Torres is single handedly
keeping Liverpool in the
Champs League position
right now ... has been
doing for a few months
too ... Take away his 28
goals and there is not
much left for the Bindippers
to talk about really, lmao.

Ronnie played pretty
good Tuesday too - it was
a kind of ... big game ...
we'll see in the semi-final
if he will 'show up' or go
'missing' again ... :rolleyes:
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Yeah I agree. Torres cannot do anything infront of a good defence. He is the worlds best striker vs Derby, Boro, West Ham but when it comes to big games and big defences he does his dissapearing act. But antdevil said he ONLY has 4 goals in the CL...why ONLY lol? 4 Goals in your first CL season is excellent imo..don't you guys think? He has done very very well in his first season and he will improve and like Ronaldo will start showing up in the big games...just give him some time like Ronaldo got 5 years to reach his full form he is on now. Torres was an excellent signing for poo and you also have to see that it is more important to beat the smaller/lesser teams than the big guns. Like we lost vs L'Arse TWICE last season but we won the EPL title correct? So what we lost against our rivals? They beat us and couldn't beat the lesser teams and ended up where?? How many points behind us? lol
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