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Can Villa ?

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With Villa winning away today at west ham I was starting to wonder can they pull off the biggest shock ever in English football and win the FA Barcley Card premiership ?

Or on the other hand are we being more realistic and predicting a major push towards the Champions League ?

Me I like Villa and I'd love them to make the Champions league in the place of either the bin dippers or Arsenal .

I say them two because I believe its United and Chelsea all the way .
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Yeah agree with both of you the thing is if United and the rest continue to buy oversea's .

I would love Villa to do well and make the champions league year after year but not win it like 1981 as Im greedy and dont want any other english club to win it !
Keano! said:

Sorry mate but this does have a different twist I've asked can they win the league ?;)
Jazz 16 said:
Agree with all of this. Top post.
O'Neill could be on the brink of something huge and they have a really good
chance of finishing 4th. I would love to see them in the CL next season instead of the Gooners.
They have a great young team with the likes of Gaby and Young and the man Laursen is a beast of a player.

Agree with laursen comment its a shame he is in his thirtys . He is a constant menace on corners aswell a real top talent .
Jazz 16 said:
He is just 31 and can have 5/6 more years in defence if he looks after himself.
He has the appetite cos he was injured for so long.
Always been a top player, thats why Ac Milan bought him. Just been very unlucky.
Glad to see him back in business and hopefully in the CL next season.

Yeah Ive said it before in this thread it would be great news if they did it not only for themselves but also for English football . It has been in danger of turning into the scottish premiership for a few years now . When I say that I only mean the predictability not the quality of football .

Another key to Villa's success is a very solid midfield of Barry , Rio coker and Sidwell which has to be one of the most solid midfield units in Europe at the moment . Add to that the height of John Carew if they decide to go route one they look a real formidable outfit .

Make's our draw there not such a bad result now doesnt it !
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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