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yangch0000 said:
i dun think anyone on here are too negative. they just voice their frustration over the manner which we were defeated by our arch rival. i am sure everyone will get behind the team, everyone...
Well said mate.:)

And calm down too, Get-A-Grip Bridgade. :D

If you read between the lines, I am confident you can't recall coming across any member who has explicitly said or implicitly insinuated that we will be empty handed at the end of the season!?!

So as much as some reactions may be over the top after a bitter defeat, perhaps the Get-A-Grip Bridgade may also need to get a grip on themselves too.

At the end of the day, whom among us hope ill for United?

Besides, I believe there are not two but three groups of fans here. And the majority actually fall somewhere between the extreme ends of the everything-is-grey and the nothing-is-grey group.

Jazz16 said:
So let all the doubters and the bashers
vent their least it means we can all laugh at them come the end of the
season ;-) when we are right and they are wrong.
What... what.. do you mean? Thought we are United; pun intended. :confused:
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