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Jazz 16 said:
Well said Cassie. Staying positive and having belief in the team is the right
attitude to have. We cant stop people making threads though and members are
entitled to talk about what they like (within reason)
Having different sides to each topic can make for some good debate and its why
we have the forum in the first place. So let all the doubters and the bashers
vent their least it means we can all laugh at them come the end of the
season ;-) when we are right and they are wrong.
This being my first season on this forum is this what its like when United lose a game . I'm all for people expressing their opinion but some of the first threads were just knee jerk reactions to losing to the dippers .
In a way losing a game like Saturdays does not really bother me because when you play badly and lose its not too bad . When you play well and lose it sticks in your throat .
One thing is we are all passionate about United which is a good thing . But time and time again United have proved everyone wrong . Why should this year be any different .
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