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eoininho said:
there simply couldnt possibly be a worse ending than being beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League Final... no matter how many times we beat them in a row in the leage we would never ever ever ever ever be able to get away from their bull talk about beatin united in Moscow.. its really worrying me.. I'd have to leave my job, and emigrate if this happened!!
Been having the same dreading thoughts. I want Chelsea in the final its that bad.

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another bad thing to add! :p

Glazer leaves leaving us with the debt and Hicks and Gillete take over, with that
Dubai thing going to 'pile and they march on to years of untold sucess!!

Now that would be tragic!

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eoininho said:
there simply couldnt possibly be a worse ending than being beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League Final... no matter how many times we beat them in a row in the leage we would never ever ever ever ever be able to get away from their bull talk about beatin united in Moscow.. its really worrying me.. I'd have to leave my job, and emigrate if this happened!!

Im with you on the first plane out if that happens.

I cant believe I read this entire thread.......:eek: this is shockingly depressing.
We need to think positively an dbelieve we can do it, because we can.....

Im now a lot more nervous than Ive been all season......

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carlyluvsunited said:
Earlier this week, we (man utd came up with a dream case scenario for the
end of the season that basically involved winning the double by beating Chelsea
on the final day in the league and scoring five against Liverpool in the Champions
League final - one for every of their European Cups, including a Gary Neville

But, what happened if it went the other way and our season falters right at the
final straight? It could happen and, even with odds of 1-14 to defend our Premier
League title, Fergie still insists it could go down to the wire.

You've seen the best, now prepare for the worst case scenario to the end of the
season - read on only if you're sat down comfortably...

With four games to go and five points ahead United only need two wins, including
a victory over Chelsea, to reclaim the Premier League title. But, Chelsea's failure
to beat Wigan allows complacency to set in and we draw our next game away to
a Blackburn side led by former legend Mark Hughes while Chelsea beat Everton
to close the gap to three points.

And to make matters worse, Blackburn's physical approach leaves Wayne Rooney
with his fourth broken metatarsal in as many years and he is ruled out for the
rest of the season.

So to the away game at Stamford Bridge where Chelsea haven' been beaten in
100 games. An early goal by the returning Louis Saha gives us some hope but no
sooner has he scored it but his hamstring goes again and he's forced to limp
from the field, which has a negative effect on our lone striker formation.

Chelsea come back strongly an equalise just before half time with a goal from
former United fan and one time transfer target, Michael Essien. The second half is
played at a blinding pace with United struggling to hold on to the draw that
would at least keep them in front with a couple of games to go.

But, Chelsea bring on all of their attacking players as substitutes and in the dying
moments a mistake by Rio Ferdinand allows Andriy Shevchenko, of all people, to
sneak in and score the winner from the far post. The two teams are level on
points with United still ahead on goal difference.

As Fergie predicted, it all goes down to the last game of the season. But, with the
Champions League final only a few days away, Fergie gambles by playing an
under strength squad against Wigan since our fringe players have done us proud
all season.

With Bolton already relegated they put little resistance against Chelsea and a 4-0
score at half time means their result is a foregone conclusion. Meanwhile, we are
struggling against a resilient Wigan side but manage to break the deadlock on
the 81st minute with a goal from that boy Ronaldo.

All we need to do is hold on for ten minutes. But then in the third minute of
stoppage tie (sound familiar?) Ronaldo makes a legal tackle against Emile Heskey
in the penalty area - Heskey dives and the referee awards a penalty!

Wigan fans claim it's justice since Ronaldo has made a career from diving but
Heskey scores, the game finishes a draw and Chelsea win the title courtesy of
United losing points to two old boys in Bruce and Hughes.

The players struggle to overcome the defeat and the Champions League final
between us and the old enemy Liverpool is the worst in years. The game ends
0-0 after extra time and goes to penalties.

Steven Gerrard scores Liverpool's fifth penalty in succession and, since none of
our young signings have the nerve or experience to take the decisive spot kick,
Gary Neville steps up...

You can see where this is going but I can't being myself to write it - can you
imagine a worst end to the season than this?
Definatly the worst thing I have read in a long time! The thought of LFC winning the Champions League on a Gary Neville penalty miss would give me nightmares.

I usually try to be as positive as possible, but I will make one exception for this topic alone.

'After the Champions League Final is over, a furious Cristiano Ronaldo gives Fergie a taste of his own hairdryer treatment. Ronaldo was outraged with Ferguson's negative 4-5-1 tac tics which saw the United number 7 isolated up front by himself throughout the whole game.

The two could be seen giving eachother both barrels worldwide, with Sky and ITV cameras picking up every word. An angry Ronaldo leaves Moscow vowing never to play under Ferguson again and four days later joins Real Madrid on a 5 year contract, leaving United with a 'cut' price of £28 million'.

Anyway being slightly more positive, United have got this far playing football the way it should be played, and no real signs have been shown of this coming to an end anytime soon.

Victories in our next two games would do nicely to wrap up the league, then for us to march on to Moscow and win the European Cup for the side of '58 would be the perfect tribute. I still feel that our squad feel like they owe something to the club for the way they performed in the Munich Tribute derby at OT.

Let's hope our season end's with those victories in Blackburn, West London and Moscow, rather than what was said before.

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This is a horror script in the making.Now im really nervous about the next few games.Ronaldo leaves,we throw away the prem and CL titles and the glazers leave with a pile of debt on our club.We could become like Leeds!!!!!.

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i'm trying to be don't you make a thread....about the dream finnish of the season;)....stop being so negativistic with this thread:p

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everyone is trying to be optimistic here..and carly goes and writes a thread to put down our optimism a liuttle...not blaming anyone but many have wirtten possible tragedies(the keano one of the glazers leaving and bringing in hicks and gillett especialy disturbing)...
and if pool does beat us in the final then i will leave my brother and go elsewhere!!!!! or i will be haunted by my bro everytime!!!!

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Think about it though. It could be worse. In 2002 Bayer Leverkusen came in 2nd in the Bundesliga, lost the CL final 2-1 to Real Madrid, and lost their domestic cup to Schalke, and on top of that, 5 of their players came 2nd in the World Cup with Germany that year. I feel bad for those 5 players who went through all that.

So things could be worse, however we shouldn't be focusing on all of the grim scenarios. Being pessimistic won't get us anywhere. Lets just trust Sir Alex and our team like we've trusted them to this point. If we do, and if the team are up for it, we won't need to worry about these what ifs.
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