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Eric Cantona has backed former boss Sir Alex Ferguson to lead Manchester United to Champions League glory this season.
He is a club legend(obviously) but he retired by the time united won their 2nd UCL trophy
The 41-year-old believes the current players of united are capable of winning the UCL with the help of Sir Alex Ferguson
'I very much hope that United will win the Champions League this season,' Cantona said.
'And, if they do, I hope they win again next year,' he told Sky Sports.
'I am sure that Sir Alex (Ferguson) has the words it takes to help the team to win. That is the key.'
'He always sets new goals for his players. If he wins the Champions League this year, he will find a new target for next year. 'That is why he has been at Old Trafford for 21 years. He always finds something more after a win, that is why he is the greatest.'
Reflecting on his time under Ferguson, Cantona said: 'I will never forget anything about my time there and the way the fans treated me, and until the last minute of my life I will have this club in my heart.'

this is another one of my news for manutdtalk.......

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