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I think in terms of STRIKERS Juventus have the best attacking options available. Up front, at any rate.

Personally I think it might be overkill. Amauri is good enough to be called world class. Del Piero is a walking legend.

Iaquinta is arguably the most underrated striker in Serie A currently, due to a combination of injuries & being left on the bench undeservedly.

The problem for me is where does Trezeguet fit in all this. He's too good to be a bench warmer but you can't rotate four top class strikers.

In midfield they are somewhat light unless Giovinco steps up, he's still very young. Sissoko was a very smart buy, for a good price.

Nedved is getting on. Camoranesi is 31, I believe. They're both classy wide players but on the old side.

They need an attacking midfielder & perhaps an extra option, or two, for the wings. Defense wise I think Melberg is better than most realise.
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