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Thanks for everyone who entered the last round. Haggler was the winner. Congrats to him and his family ;)

Next Caption: Enjoy!!! No vulgar language in your posts guys, same rules apply here as in main forums. Thank you. :)

Everyone post a response!!!! I will judge the posts and award the member with the funniest post 200 vcash!!!!. Competitions will be run weekly!!!

Enter as many times as you like. It will increase your chances!!!

Closing Date for entrys: Sunday 10th April 2008

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no.8-I shall kick the bejaysus out of you.
blue shirt: you call THAT a kick, check this out....HIYYYYYYYYYYYYYA
and 'I was kung fu fighting'........
ref: zoiks Scooby Im outta here

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Blue Shirt:I cant find the football so ill kick him instead
No 8:What have i doe to deserve this?
Ref:That Looks So Fun
*In refs earpiece:What have i told you darling,mothers know best*

That Last line if you didnt figure is his mum speaking.

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Entry 1/10: Nothing complex

Player (red): "Take this!!"
Player (blue): "AH!!!!!!!!!!!......."

Entry 2/10: Fight over girl

Player (blue): "It is you!!! You are the one that touched ma girl's bum in the bar! Take this!"
Player (red): "Oops.... Easy, easy..."

Entry 3/10: "It is a bird! It is a plane! It is just....... an Angryman."

Entry 4/10: 'Flying' Man

Player (blue): "I can fly! I can fly!"
Player (red): "Right... Just watch where you land, mate."

Entry 5/10: A ref's nightmare

Ref: "OMG!! What are you doing?!!!"
Player (blue): "Just defying gravity for a while."
Play (red): "Just stretching my tight hamstring."

Entry 6/10: "Kung Fu Football"

Entry 7/10:

[to be continued....]
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