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Thanks for everyone who entered the last round. urm08 was the winner. Congrats to him and his family

Next Caption: Enjoy!!! No vulgar language in your posts guys, same rules apply here as in main forums. Thank you. :)

Everyone post a response!!!! I will judge the posts and award the member with the funniest post 200 vcash!!!!. Competitions will be run weekly!!!

Enter as many times as you like. It will increase your chances!!!

Closing Date for entrys: Sunday 17th April 2008

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abojodeh said:
:confused: who is the one in front of giggs :mad: @#[email protected]$ him

giggs:i am your god respect
the @#[email protected]#$:what you are not
giggs:come and check your mamy in my bed
THE @#[email protected]#$:what i cant understand
Giggs:your mama ac/dc right
THE @#[email protected]:what :confused: i will kill you AHHHH
OK so you have used cartoon expletives but ..............................

your supposed to be 14 not 40

My caption:

You ARE a god, you CAN breath without Air!!

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Entry 1/100

"Mate, you are running a fever!"
"I think so too. You've got Panadol?"

Entry 2/100

"Is that how I should be doing?"
"Spot on. And looking into her eyes, show her the money."

Entry 3/100

Dirty Dancing II

Entry 4/100

"Oh mine, you are so gorgeous... Come to my room tonight?"
"No, thanks. But that's a bookable offence."

Entry 5/100

"If you say my eyes are beautiful, it is because they are looking at you..."

Entry 6/100

"Oh gosh! Your neck is thick!"
"Oh gosh! Your ear is big!"

Entry 7/100


[To be continued...]

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Giggs:Now you see it...and now you dont
other guy:What were the hell did it go??:confused: :confused:
Giggs:*thinking*Haha i got him its just tucked tucked under my sleeve
Other guy:Gaffer Gaffer that man he just showed me the coolest magic trick!!!!!!!!

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giggs ----- look into my eyes , the eyes not around the eyes but into my eyes 321 sleep ........ when you wake you will believe you are the best player in the world ..

321 wake /
kaka ----- im still not ronaldo you fraud
giggs---- was this your card ?

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Giggs: many players have tried to squize the life out me, and failed.
Kaka: i'am better then anyone, to do it.

Giggs: well there is one thing you squized out of me.
Kaka: yeah wats that smarty.

Giggs: A RED card.....hahahaha
Kaka: aaaaaargh

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1. Giggs : Lets Hand wrestle !
Kaka : I wanna strangle !

2. Giggs : Abo help :eek:

3. NO caption.....Giggs cant talk cos he is stangled and Kaka is stangling him

4. Kaka : I am Legend Killer !

5. "Its not too late to be Gay ! "


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Giggs: you play like my sister " you girl"
Kaka: say that again and i will strangle you.

Giggs: strangle me!!!
Kaka: you asked for it.

Giggs: you even strangle like a girl, you can't even make my thumb pop up!!

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Giggs: Your wife couldn't make it into the the Sexiest Footballers' Wives thread at

Kaka: Grrrr.... that may be true, but you ARE of the sexiest footballers. Come here, you bad boy!
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