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Carlo Ancelotti named the best manager...

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by the same comitee ( international federation of football history and stats) that named Kaka the best playmaker and Buffon the best goalkeeper---

According to them - the manager that took milan to the roof of the world is the best manager of the world ( mathematically)
Man United's SAF finished runner up while Fabio Capello - England newly appointed manager finished only 11th considering that he took Real all the way to the crown
Top 10 managers :

1. Carlo Ancelotti (Milan)
2. Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)
3. Juande Ramos (Tottenham Hotspur)
4. Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)
5. Jose Mourinho (Without a club)
6. Rafael Benitez (Liverpool)
7. Frank Rijkaard (Barcelona)
8. Roberto Mancini (Inter)
9. Miguel Angelo Russo (Boca Juniors)
10. Gustavo Alfaro (Arsenal di Sarandi)
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Who has done more, Fergie or Ancelotti? No contest, Fergie! Big Sam is better than Ancelotti for what he managed to do with Bolton!!!
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