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Carlos Tevez is United?

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Since Carlos Tevez arrived in Manchester in August 2007, it's fair to say he has been a big sucess with United. His goals last season came at crucial times, strikes against Lyon Spurs Blackburn and Chelsea spring to mind, and his overall play was of a very high standard. His classy performances as United's second striker combined with his workrate meant he was held in high asteem by fans, team-mates and United staff alike.

Without a doubt I would love to see Carlos sign for us permenantly when his two year loan runs out.

But a question I began to ask myself the other day was just how long will Carlos be at United? Is he now a Red Devil at heart, or will he one day want to seek his fortunes elsewhere.

The reason I ask this question is a number of factors adding up. I remember reading somewhere that Carlos planned to retire from football at an early age, possibly even as early as 28!

Furthermore Carlos also expressed an interest to play one day in Spain, even before he joined United.

Tevez told The Sun: "Maybe one day I'll play in the Spanish league but there's a long way to go.
"At the moment I am happy here. I know many South Americans prefer to play in Italy or Spain when they move to Europe.
"But I'm happy here. It's the best league in the world.",19528,11667_3632683,00.html

Alongside this Carlos was supposedly quoted as saying he would one day like to return to play at Bocca Juniors.

None of the above are set in stone or are certain by any means, but it does get you thinking. Carlos is currently 24 years old, with his loan running out at the end of this season approaching us when he will reach the age of 25. Would he want to stick around for longer at United or make a move to Spain, where there would undoubtably be a whole host of clubs wanting his services.

If United sign another striker in the mould of Huntelaar or Berbatov, would Rooney be the ideal man to partner them? If so where does that leave the Argentine ace? Would he be content to not be a starter week in week out at United?

I certainly hope Carlos remains a United player for many years because he has been a fantastic addition to our squad. There will certainly be options open to Carlos next summer, and it will be down to the man himself to decide where his future lies.
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couldnt agree more mate i think he was more of a priority than a new striker tbh hes been class last season and i can see him getting even better this season, defo get him signed up asap although i dont think hell retire that soon im not to sure i think he just says things lol but buy him ASAP

nice thread BTW
I didn't want him here last season tbh. He has proved me wrong, showed gr8 attitude, commitment and scored plenty of important goals. His work rate v Barca was something I have never witnessed and he is a very likeable character. Hope he's here for many years to come and I couldn't imagine the Ronaldo bull**** soming from him.
Well in his first year at the club he scored numerous crucial goals, won the league, won the european cup. I honestly think he's going to want to stick around a while.
I love Tevez, what a grafter. You raise and interesting point JD....
will he sign on and stay for a few more years?
He has always been honest about his moves, from West Ham to here
and he said he would like to go back to Boca. At least we know this now.
Id love him to stay 4/5 more seasons and become a real favourite.

If we get Berbatov, here lies the problem...
Rooney is bound to get the nod, and rightfully so, cos he makes us tick.
but last season it was Tevez that scored the majority of important goals.

They formed a great partnership and worked tirelessly. Another striker will
help though, as the lads above mentioned, like for injuries, suspensions
and resting players.

Im sure he will have a big part to play but he may have to be content
with sitting on the bench for some games, possibly the big ones (if we get Berba)

Anyway, keep Tevez, his cult and stock is rising all the time.
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I forgot to mention, Tevez also has the best song, so that should at least make him wanna stay a little more then he already does.
Jazz 16 said:
Im sure he will have a big part to play but he may have to be content
with sitting on the bench for some games, possibly the big ones (if we get Berba)

Anyway, keep Tevez, his cult and stock is rising all the time.
thats what i thought to sure id like to see berba here or any class strikers for that matter but i wouldnt wanna loose that threat and pressure that tevez is on the pitch . himself and rooney are like jack russels constantly chasing the ball and if tevez is on the bench and lets say berba on the pitch whos lazy for closing down etc rooney will be doing all that running and will tired which is never a good thing with a player like rooney
Does anyone think he'll ever change his number? 32? Come on, maybe he'll take 9 if we sell Saha.
agree with you jazz , tevez is a pure grafter he runs his socks off for the team a proper terrier with bags of skill , im sure he will do even better this season
He ain't goin anywhere. I think he realizes how much the United fans love him by now. But then, stranger things have happened in this big bad world of football. I sincerely hope he stays with us for a long time.
He wasn't going to retire at 28. He said he'll go back to Argetina and finish with Boca when he's 28.
this sums up what a player he and rooney is
I've been saying for a while that we should sign Tevez this summer.

I heard that Tevez may go somewhere else if he hasn't had an offer by the beginning of 2009, which I hope is just rumours. But I don't want to risk losing him.

He should be signed before anyone else, I feel.

Hes so passionate about Utd, and its clear that hes committed to us and loves being here.

One things for sure though. The Ronaldo saga will never be repeated with Carlos Tevez :)
i really want tevez to stay for a long time :)
and am sure that he would stay for long time if we sign him permanently
bth tevez supports manchester united since long time
and with the brazilian team he one showed up wearing a united top
he's my idol, cuz i have same body shape like him, i like body balance and blockings, uses body to get through!
I like Tevez. Hoping a lot that United clears up his signing sometime soon.
i have faith in tevez....he is a true Man Utd player...and he prooved us at his first season....Carlitos will sign a permanent deal..that's for sure...he's got a family he's a good team mate...modest and loyal...he is a true Man Utd player and i apreciate and like him a lot for that:)
piazza said:
Does anyone think he'll ever change his number? 32? Come on, maybe he'll take 9 if we sell Saha.
The number is his choice.

I love Tevez. Nothing i can say what others haven't already. This season, i'll expect him to be many times better than he was last. He has had a full summer of rest and will get a good pre-season under his belt. He'll be ready to go.
Tevez isa great player worthy of a new song , i am fed up with the "argentina" chant .
the whos that man from argentina is good but nobody hardly sing sit .
he will go well next year
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