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Carragher arrested & cautioned for assault

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From BBC Sport...

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has been arrested and cautioned by police for common assault.

The former England international, 30, was questioned on Wednesday about a roadside argument with a man near his Crosby home on Tuesday.

Carragher had been on his way to training at the club's Melwood ground at the time.

The assault was reported to Merseyside Police by a witness to the incident involving the Bootle-born player.

Later that day the alleged victim reported Liverpool's vice-captain to officers who arranged an appointment to interview Carragher.

Common assault can include anything from spitting to shoving.

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: "We can confirm that a 30-year-old man from the Blundellsands area received a police caution for common assault in relation to an incident on Liverpool Road, Crosby, on Tuesday February 26."

A spokesman for Liverpool FC declined to comment.

An undisclosed spokesman however went on to say that the dispute occured when the man returned to his car to find Carragher attempting to steal his hub caps. In a statement released by Carragher and his lawyer, the 'wanto to be' England defender said,"I realize that I am a professional footballer and I could buy hub caps but I am a scouser. It is in my blood to steal things that aren't nailed down!" Carragher went on to say that he also ate rats and has been collecting a gyro cheque for the last 15 years, also do to the fact he is a scouser.

A Scouser in trouble with the law? Whatever next? :D
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Typical. Bound to happen sometime.

Gerrard knocking kids down in his Ferrari.

Carragher punching people in the street.

Shame on you liverpool.
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