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Michael Carrick is the latest United player to commit his future to the Reds after signing a new four-year contract.

The deal will keep the 27-year-old midfielder at Old Trafford until at least June 2012, which follows hot on the heels of Rio Ferdinand signing a new five-year contract earlier this week.

Carrick cites United's trophy-winning potential as a major motivation to remain at the club until he is in his thirties.

“This is a fantastic club and it is a pleasure to be part of this great squad," he told

"I believe this team will be together for many years to come and to win back to back titles in my first two seasons at the Club is a dream come true."

Carrick has become an integral part of squad and crucial to the way the Reds play. Sir Alex Ferguson was therefore understandably pleased to tie-up a new deal for the playmaking midfielder.

“I am delighted Michael has signed a new contract," said the Reds boss. "Michael has been outstanding since joining us from Tottenham Hotspur in 2006 and its great to know he will be a part of this squad for many years to come.â€

- He was one of our best players last season, but struggled to find his reange at times this season. He also gave the ball way too often. Having said that, I really hope he grows into that number 16 shirt that he wears. If develops a bit more confidence, he can become one of the best central midfielders in Europe. He has the talent and athleticism to do so and just needs to be a man.

I'm glad we're renewing the players' contracts at the right time and I hope Evra signs up soon too.

Back to Carrick. I'm happy he's signed up, because I don't se many better passers of the ball around and I think Fergie will enjoy his selection problem of having to figure out whom to play. Anderson, Scholes, Carrick and Hargreaves. It's a nice problem to have though.

Firgie delighted with Carrick's new deal,16368,1778_3576405,00.html

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has signed a new four-year contract as the Red Devils prepare for the Champions League final.

Carrick, 26, has become a fixture in the side this season, making 48 appearances as they retained the Premier League title.

Now he is preparing to face Chelsea in Moscow and manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: "I am delighted Michael has signed a new contract.

"Michael has been outstanding since joining us from Tottenham and it is great to know he will be a part of this squad for many years to come."

Carrick joined United from Tottenham two years ago for £14million and follows Rio Ferdinand this week in pledging his long-term future to the club.

Ferdinand signed a new five-year deal and is being backed as an England captain in waiting.

Carrick is pleased to have the matter finally sorted out before the showdown in Russia.

He said: "Manchester United is a fantastic club and it is a pleasure to be part of this great squad.

"I believe this team will be together for many years to come.

"To win back-to-back titles in my first two seasons at the club is a dream come true."

It was last month that Ferguson said new deals had been agreed with Carrick, Ferdinand and Wes Brown.

Carrick emphasised then there was nowhere else he would rather be than at Old Trafford.

"This is the time you want to be playing when big games pop around and the trophies are being handed out," he said.

"Manchester United is the best club. It is about the way we play and the size of the club - the whole set-up really.

"When you get here, you see how the club runs and what it is all about. To have the pleasure to play here is amazing."


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Great news.

I thought he had a very slow start to the season and i actually though that maybe he was intimidated by the fact that he had anderson and hargreaves as competition, but since january he has been brilliant. This season i think he stepped out of scholes' shadow and has made himself be counted. hopefully he'll get better next season aswell.

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Great news.

We're laying the foundations for a successful spell over the next 4-5 years with these continued re-signings of players' contracts.

He has been a fantastic signing and has been our best midfielder over the last 2 years. This season hes been fantastic, although he did have a slow start. He has been our most consistent midfielder, and the people who questioned us signing him must really be questioning themselves now.

I really admire him as a footballer.

But, saying that why did he get a new contract in front of Evra? His contract had longer to run than Evras if I'm not mistaken so Evra should have got one first imo.

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Awsome news! I like how Fergie and Gill are snapping up all the contract extensions one by one because as we can all see we have a wonderful team here at the moment and we need them to stick together as long as possible like the good old Giggs--Scholes--Keane--Becks era...For all the people who are worried about Evra, I think the club will get to him soon so not to worry!
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