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Carrick to United

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What do you think? Will it be a good move for him and us? Are we offering Spurs more than his value?
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It'd be a good move if and only if we bring in another midfielder to protect Carrick. He's got a good eye for a pass, and he can tackle. But he's no Keane, his style isn't the same. At Tottenham he does well because Davids covers for him, so he doesn't have to do as much of the dirty work.

He'd be great as a deep-lying playmaker though, given his vision and passing ability.
If you asked me, I'd say Nolan deserves to be in the England team right now, ahead of Lampard even.

If not I'd say England need to play Carrick and Gerrard.
Well, the thing is also that Tottenham have no reason to sell Carrick, who was arguably their best midfielder last season. Sure, he had help from Davids so he could play his game, but that makes no difference.

They don't need to sell him, we want to buy him. They'll hold out for as much as they can.
If I was Spurs I'd jump at that.

If United did offer that much, I'd gag. As good as he is, Carrick isn't worth that much, but since we're in for him, and he's English...
What I'm wondering is why we didn't move for Zokora. He was impressive during the WC, and looks like he cost half of what we're supposedly going to pay for Carrick.
Knowing Fergie he isn't going to give up just yet. Hopefully he goes looking around other places though, a certain Rino Gattuso would be good.
Well, the appeals are set to start on the 22nd, and during that the prosecution has said they will be pushing for even harsher punishments, so relegation of AC Milan still may be possible.

Even then, I'd expect the verdict to go the other way, but there's always hoping.
Tottenham would be stupid not to accept that kind of bid, considering they got him for only £3m I believe.

Either way, if the price is that high and we have other options (which are running out, quickly), then we shouldn't pay that kind of money.

If we have no choice...then we have no choice, I suppose.
Carrick played very well for Tottenham last season. Problem would be his lack of CL experience and I just don't think he has the ability to dominate games like Keano of old did, or even Vieira when he was at Arsenal.

That said, we're don't seem to have many options, do we?
Smith actually had been used as a midfielder during his time at Leeds, simply because he couldn't be left out of the side. They had too many strikers can had to accomodate them all, and with his attitude, Smith was moved into midfield because they knew he would still give 100%.

And regarding Carrick, reports are suggesting that he will finally complete a move to United for 15m by next week. True or not true, that's what the papers are saying.
I think he may be viewed as overrated becase people are comparing him to Keane, who he would be trying to replace. He's not the same style of player, and though I still don't think paying so much for him is right, he can add an extra dimension to our midfield. We still need someone to do what Keano did for us though.
Agreed, the four of them won't score the same way Ruud did. However, if we get someone who can bring the midfield into play better than Ruud did then we could get more goals from there instead.
Seems like Frank Lampard Sr. (assistant manager of West Ham when Carrick was there) and Lee Sharpe would agree with you.

I think he'll definitely improve, question marks still remain about his ability to dominate a game - he's not quite what people would call the complete midfielder, not yet at least.
Don't you mean the other way around? Carrick has loads of creativity, he's like a Pirlo. He needs a Gattuso.

Here's a picture of Carrick with a United jersey, not in it but he's holding it.
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