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Carrick: We Are The Best In The World

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Source: BBC Sport

Manchester United central midfielder Michael Carrick believes that his team are currently the best club side in the world. After signing a contractual deal extension this week, Carrick is secure in the knowledge that his long-term future lies with a club that is at the vanguard of global football.

Carrick, an 18 million pound acquisition two summers ago, paid tribute to the overall structure of the club and regards it as a pleasure to have Old Trafford as his place of work.

As the season moves towards its conclusion, with United on course for a domestic and continental double, Carrick is relishing the opportunity to garner some silver-ware from what has been a formidable campaign.

United's league form has been imperious thus far and with Chelsea's slip-up at home to Wigan, the Red Devils have total control over the destiny of the Premier League trophy.

Their focus has been unrelenting of late and Carrick sees no reason why his team should take their eyes from the prize at this late stage.

Concentration and consistency are the priority for United, and with such rich rewards on offer, Ferguson's side look to have an unassailable lead at the summit of the table.

Carrick said: “Manchester United is the best club, It is about the way we play and the size of the club – the whole set-up really.â€

“When you get here, you see how the club runs and what it is all about. To have the pleasure to play here is amazing.â€

.“This is the time you want to be playing, when big games pop around and the trophies are being handed out. I want to get my hands on them.â€

“In terms of the title, we are in the driving seat, especially as Chelsea slipped up against Wigan Athletic. It won't count for much unless we win, but we know if we get those two victories we will win the league, which is a pretty nic incentive.â€
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Like Carrick said..Chelsea's slip counts for nothing if we don't win..a draw away to Blackburn was a good result but we are back to sqaure one. It would of been the same if they beat Wigan and we beat Blackburn...I just want to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge so we can clinch the title their because our goal difference is quite high...but I think we most probably will draw since we are travelling back all the way from Spain and all our important players will play...
carrick dont talk no dog muck he talks sense and he is also becoming one of the best there is aswell well done carrick
We have the best defensive record in Europe and we've also
scored the most goals, meaning we have the best attack.
There isn't a better team in the world at the moment :)
IMO Carrick should not be starting. He's a good but not great player.
i do think statistics count for nothing if we dont win the premiership and champions league this season. we need trophies to back up our claims.
we have the best attack and the best defence so we are the best
and lets not forget that we have RONALDO VIDIC AND ROONEY
add a dynamic right full back, and another striker then we can talk about being the best in the world :)
i just love these kind of people who said they love the club and praises the club... he's the true legend
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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