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He was our best player on sat after Ronaldo hopefully were going to start to see him play better now somewhere close to his full potental.
He had a gr8 game against Chelsea early in the season but couldnt keep his place in the team, but as we got a few injuries(Scholes, Hargo) he should benefit from a long run in the team. I hope he keeps his place the boy is class.

Carrick and Hargreaves for England.
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i'll just say that 18 mil pounds signing should play week in week out like that and make a difference in the champions league - keep it up
versa said:
After our title-winning last season when Carrick partnered Scholes admirably, he suddenly looks out of sorts and pretty low in confidence, as witnessed by the number of times he loses possession unnecessarily.

Maybe it is the arrival of Anderson and Hargreaves that eats into his confidence as automatic first choice unlike last season.

Or maybe it is the lack of consistency due to the lack of games this season.

A bit of chicken and egg issue. More likely than not, however, he is indeed behind Scholes, Anderson and Hargreaves in that pecking order.
you 've described it as a Seba Veron syndrome when he had to play alongside Keano. As if Keano sucked out the entire confidence from him
versa said:
I don't understand.:confused:

Ok, think I got your point. But that was not my point.

My point is found in paragraph 2, 3 and 4, not 1, as you may have interpreted.
no. no - i understood mwhat you were trying to say, but it triggered some comparisions to "veron - problem " - he clearly had a self-confidence problem
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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