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He was our best player on sat after Ronaldo hopefully were going to start to see him play better now somewhere close to his full potental.
He had a gr8 game against Chelsea early in the season but couldnt keep his place in the team, but as we got a few injuries(Scholes, Hargo) he should benefit from a long run in the team. I hope he keeps his place the boy is class.

Carrick and Hargreaves for England.
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on his day he is our best passer of the ball but hisdays dont come along that often at the mo hope he becomes more consistant
red_devils4life said:
Seriously, was Ronaldo even better than Carick on Saturday? :confused: I doubt so.
anyone who scores a hatrick is going to get man of the match, Carrick was good but he still tries to do too many killer passes which ends up losing us possesion
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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