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Cassano will to return to the Sampdoria camp ten days earlier then expected for pre-season training.

Troubled Italian talent Antonio Cassano truly seems to have turned over a new leaf in recent times, despite one or two incidents last season.

The ex-Real Madrid starlet has shown maturity and is excelling at Sampdoria since his loan move from the los Merengues, even managing to receive a call up for the Azzurri's Euro 2008 campaign.

Reports in Italy now indicate his new attitude towards the club that saved him from his Spanish misadventure have served him well. Due to his exploits with the national team this summer, Cassano was given an extra ten days of rest before the resumption of training.

Despite this, sources close to the player have revealed that he is more interested in getting the season underway and is reported to be willing to forgo the extra rest and return to training with his team mates as early as possible. Cassano is said to be eager to return in order to meet the new players in the squad and get to work for the Serie A and UEFA Cup season ahead.

Whether the player is truly maturing is yet to be seen, but perhaps a few steps in the right direction can release the potential that Il Talentino possesses.

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ive always liked him think hes a fantastic player and didnt get used enough in the euros, i think his main problem is his ego or he does have problems cause hes always causing trouble but i think alot of it is when he dosnt get games im not sure but all i know is if he is chilling out more and growing up then hopefully hell become the star he always looked to be
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