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Manchester City's new loan signing, Nery Castillo, has announced his arrival in town by vowing to make Manchester rivals United pay for not having enough faith in him...
Mexico striker Nery Castillo, who has joined Manchester City on loan for the season from Shakhtar Donetsk, has promised to make neighboiurs and bitter rivals Manchrester United pay for letting him go.
Castillo, 23, had a trial with United seven years ago, but there were problems regarding a work permit, and United manager Sir Alex Ferguson lost interest in the Mexican and never pursued his case.
The player has not forgotten United's indifference.
He has since made a name for himself - coming to particular prominence at last summer's Copa America - and said after joining City: "I've still got photos of me with Sir Alex and all of the players.
"Maybe now I can get my revenge on them with City.
"I can't wait to play in my first derby.
Castillo was born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, to a Uruguayan father - a former footballer who played in Mexico - and a Mexican mother of Italian parents.
He moved to Uruguay when he was two years old and grew up in Montevideo, making his professional debut at the age of 15 for his home club Danubio in the Uruguayan First Division.
It was while playing with Danubio's youth team in a tournament in Brazil that he was spotted by scouts from several European clubs, and his father and agent decided that his best opportunity would lie with Manchester United.
But when he failed to obtain a work permit, the door to United was closed.
At the age of 16, after his 'bitter' experience with English football, Castillo's father accepted an offer from Greek giants Olympiacos.
Nery also has Greek citizenship gained while playing for Olympiacos, so was eligible to play for three different countries: Mexico, Greece, and Uruguay.
He chose Mexico.
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