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Sorry if this has been done already.....but which celebration(s) are your favourite and which one(s) do you try when playing?

I had a game today...i scored two and on my first i ran off and did the Nicolas Anelka butterfly!!!

My second i did the Andy Johnson signal thing, Marcus Bent does it simliar aswell.

However they didn't go down well, everyone just stood there and looked at me as if to say, what the fook is he doing?

I was still up for doing the Shefki Kuqi/Klinsmann dive for my hat-trick goal but sadly it didn't come and i missed a sitter from 3 yards!

I must say i got a fair amount of stick from the boys at the end of the game!

So yeah which are your favourite?

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I love a good knee slide myself, especially when the ground is greasy.......

Shane Long's celebration for Reading last season was class when he rugby tackled the mascot.

Tim Cahill's boxing is pretty nifty unless its against us.

The Sharpey Shuffle was my fave. He had some great ones.

Cantona swinging on the pole in his comeback game against the Scousers.

Keane diving and jumping after scoring the winner in the Derby 3-2.

Giggsy the gorilla swinging his top around against Le Arse '99.

Rooneys against Newcastle (THAT goal), he was still fuming at the ref lmao

The best by miles was Cantona's celebration against Sunderland. Collar up, looking around. Choccy and the girl Poborsky should have left him alone. Oh and the goal was pure genius as well.....

Thats all I can think of at the top of my head for now. may come back with more.

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i agree with jazz i liked the sharpie shuffle (which got banned)

also as i like to buzz of the scousers i think bellamy's golf swing celebration at the nou camp after giving it riise was a classic

the gayest one ever has to go to ince and giggs from the early nineties that was shite

and shearer had the crapest most boring one ever (which suited his personality)
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