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Gordon Strachan has hit out at the Scottish FA, claiming the media knew that Gary Caldwell was suspended for Saturday before Celtic were informed.

BBC Sport has learned that the defender and two Celtic officials were informed in the dressing-room that he had been reported for violent conduct.

But the Celtic boss said: "At 11 this morning, the club had not been contacted. We find that extraordinary. It would have been nice to send us an email telling us first."

Caldwell was called to referee Kenny Clark's room along with Rangers' David Weir following an on-pitch scuffle at the end of Celtic's 2-1 victory on Wednesday. But Strachan, who refused to field questions about his own future as Celtic manager, said: "The first I saw it was on the text yesterday, someone spoke to the media from the SFA, Drew Herbertson.

"As for Gary Caldwell, it first came to his attention on Sky Sports News last night. When you make a decision, the first port of call would be the players and the club." Strachan appeared to be perplexed by the SFA's terminology.

"When we reached them about 12pm today, we were told they had been red-carded," he said. "The red card has appeared from somewhere.

"We were told after the game the players would be reported for violent conduct.

"At no time on Wednesday night were they told they had a red card, they were not shown a red card."

Strachan's protests will not prevent Caldwell sitting out Saturday's league visit by Aberdeen through a one-match ban. And an SFA spokesman explained : "The situation as we see it is that the club were informed by referee Kenny

Clark immediately following the game that their player was going to be reported to the SFA for violent conduct, which carries the same punishment as a red card.

"If there is any doubt in their mind, the onus is on the club to get in contact with the SFA and not the other way round.

"Because you can imagine, if it was our job to phone around all the clubs in Scotland, it would be a huge task.

"That being the case, we have a club 'extranet' service where clubs can log on and find out details of suspensions."

BBC News
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