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This was interesting to read I thought.....

What doyou think ?


He is arguably the best player in the English premier League at the moment and
certainly the best young player on English soil. He is 5'11'', possesses a boyish
face and an equally boyish charm but exhibits a very much mature character on
the football pitch. He is the most crucial member of the most entertaining team in
the Premiership and has already established himself as a key figure in his
national football team.

You hardly need to be an cryptologist to decipher who the player in context is.
Yes, it is one Francesc Fàbregas Soler, preferably called “Cescâ€, who might be still
only 20, but is already rated as one of the finest and most gifted footballers on
the planet. So much so that this current Arsenal squad that oozes aestheticism
from every pore is most dependent on him for inspiration and guidance.

A Catalan by birth, Cesc moved to Arsenal from FC Barcelona in the 2003 summer
at a time when he was just over 16 years of age and scored on his second ever
appearance in Arsenal colors, hitting one of the 5 goals that rampant Gunners
stormed past Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Carling Cup.

Cesc's entry to the Arsenal first team in the Premiership in the 2004-2005 season
was observed by most as a stop-gap measure for the absence of Patrick Vieira,
Gilberto Silva and Edu but he soon transcended the bar and became the lynchpin
of this exciting and young Arsenal squad that manager Arsene Wenger has so
painfully and meticulously assembled and developed through a truly excellent
youth system.

With Vieira's departure in the summer of 2005, Ces was asked to play the midfield
role and boy, didn't the Spaniard play his part! Cesc was pulling the strings from
the centre of the midfield as Arsenal strolled to the UEFA Champions League final
in 2005-2006 only to be beaten by Barcelona in the final. Although Arsenal didn't
win any silverware, it was Fàbregas' rise that set the tone.

Last season again Fàbregas was brilliant. More than anything, he became better
with every game and at 20, he is already a full fledged Spanish international and
is a regular first team player too in a squad that has loads of talent and quality in
every department. Cesc again emerged as the best Arsenal player last season
as Thierry Henry fell out Arsene Wenger (apparently) and fell out of the pitch due
to injuries.

Compare Cesc with Anderson, the Brazilian Anderson who was signed by
Manchester United for a staggering £17million from FC Porto in the summer and
you do have a considerable amount of fodder for a debate. The 19-year old
Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira made his first club football breakthrough at the
Brazilian club Gremio but lasted only just 5 matches in the first team after
spending years at the club's youth academy.

Not that he turned out to be an ugly duckling or a very naughty boy but because
that Portuguese giants Porto got so indulged by him that they decided to sign
him, just as they had signed the Brazilian talent Diego, before the bigger clubs of
Europe could hawk. That was in December 2005 and helped Porto win the
domestic league. Next year too Anderson was celebrating another title victory
but those celebrations were certainly decimated by the fact that he had missed
five months of the season with injury.

This summer Sir Alex Ferguson and his money spinning Manchester United side
got so interested in the player that a deal was as soon as (well, almost) as soon
as the interest as conceived. And on the account of the performance displayed by
the Brazilian, who is already a full-capped international for his nation that money
doesn't appear to have been wasted.

Anderson might not have made as many starts as a player with his reputation
would have liked to but he has definitely had had his moments. Especially
against Arsenal earlier this season when he was pitted against the best
playmaker in the Premiership at the moment Cesc Fàbregas and dominated
possession and midfield; to be honest, Anderson was better than his Spanish
counterpart in the dual between Manchester United and Arsenal.

But Anderson's best performance to date has come in Manchester United's 4-0
win over relegation favorites Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford in October when he
fashioned a brilliant through ball for Carlos Tevez to hit the back of the Wigan
net. Anderson has been quite decent, if not good, in the UEFA Champions
League although it must be said that he is yet to score his first goal in Europe for
Manchester United.

So who is the better player between Fàbregas and Anderson?

Both are of about the same age and both play in a similar position. At the moment
of course, Cesc is by far the better one. With his playmaking prowess and boyish
enthusiasm mingling well with great maturity, Cesc has become one of the best
in European football. But Anderson is just starting on the voyage and is
anticipated to come big in the next couple of seasons. Several football pundits
say that Anderson has been signed as a long term replacement for Paul Scholes
and that tells really.

Who do you think is the better player and why?

wtf? fabregas isn't the best playmaker in the EPL
maybe for this year it would be fabregas cuz he has been here long long time ago and is more used to the english system or whatever u call it

but when anderson gets more used to it he will be way better than fabregas. Anderson can dribble and can make good pases, fabregas cant dribble shit

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Fabregas has been outstanding this season - scoring and creating goals with superb vision, creativity and technical ability.

However, it must be remembered that he is older than Anderson and has more experience in the Premiership. This is Anderson's first season in the Prem and he is impressing people already.

Give the lad a season or two and he'll be banging in goals and playing just as well as Fabregas is now.

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carlyluvsunited said:
He is arguably the best player in the English premier League at the moment and
certainly the best young player on English soil. He is 5'11'', possesses a boyish
face and an equally boyish charm but exhibits a very much mature character on
the football pitch. He is the most crucial member of the most entertaining team in
the Premiership and has already established himself as a key figure in his
national football team.
I didn't know Ronaldo was 5'11", I thought he was taller than that...

I would actually say that Anderson is better. Case and point, Arsenal v United. Anderson was the man in the midfield, Cesc wasn't. Sure, Cesc might perform more consistently, however that's because he's older and has more Premiership experience.

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Anderson looks a great prospect but, let's be honest, there's no argument here. As things stand, Fabregas is a better player. Anderson has a lot of catching up to do before people can start likening the two in terms of quality.

That's not to say he won't be a world-beater in the long-run, though. ;)

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cesc is one of the best ive ever seen, i still think scholes has raised the bar in that role and fabrgas and anderson should be looking to emulate him!

ive been v impressedwith anderson, great passer, vision but hes up for a scrap and arguably beat fabregas on the day against arsenal!

but as ye have said anderson has only played a few games in the prem whereas cesc is to a degree a seasoned pro...

reopen this debate in 3 years and we will kno who is the best in this position both in the premiership and the WORLD!!!!

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Cesc is playing very well at the moment and has beagged himself a few goals....

So what, Scholesy has being doing that for years..............

If Fabregas continues the form he is in for the rest of the season and if Arsenal win the League, then he can be considered a great midfielder.....but at the moment he is just having a good spell...........

You could name lots of players who have great spells and then disappear again.......

Lets see hoew he is against Chelski this weekend...........

Scholesy is still the most creative midfielder in the Premier League, but Fabregas is not too far behind...

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Fabregas has been great not only this seson, but last season. He made his debut and was a regular for ARSENAL at a very tender age. I am a massive fan of Cesc and believe he is second only to Paul Scholes in the Premiership in terms of Central Midfielders.

Anderson, as I've said, does have BAGS of potential, so I'd like to see this poll again in 1 year from now.

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Tho hw many of u hate him cos' he's a f**kin' Gooner,there's no doubt that he's one of the best young,promising players in the world rite now! Jus imagine 'Cesc' with Ronnie,Wazza & Carlitos in our 'already-explosive' strikeforce. We will be simply invincible! But i gotta admit dat Barca has got the best strikeforce currently in Europe. Ronaldinho+Lionel Messi+Samuel Eto'o+Bojan Krkic+Giovanni dos Santos.

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I am always against comparisons between players. Not only is the reply usually wildly inaccurate but its also impossible to make a comparison.

I have seen many players who were dream players for their teams, comparisons to A or B were inevitably made. The player came to United and flopped dismally. If I can make a suggestion, threads like this serve no purpose.
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