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Champions League - English Dominance

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This season there are four teams from the same country in the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time ever.

While Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey have to make do with one side each, the Premier League's big four have all made it through.

The progress of Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea has shown the strength of the Premier League - and with two of them drawn together, England is guaranteed at least one semi-finalist.

Never before has one country dominated to such an extent, so why and how has it happened? And will it continue?

If so, what does it mean for other leagues around Europe, as the best players head for the Premier League in large numbers every summer?

And could the future of the Champions League be under threat if this trend continues?
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Too true, take a look at this article. It shows that Italy are the most successful nation, in terms of the number of clubs in their domestic league which finished as winners & runner-ups respectively. With 11 winners & 14 runner-ups in the elite European competition, they are closely followed by Spain with 11 winners & 9 runner-ups. And lemme ask ue, where's England? That's right, a miserable 3rd spot. Compared to the huge success of both Italy & Spain, they only has won it 10 times & been on the losing side of the final 4 times. Personally, I believe that's one of the main reason why none of the players from Barclays English Premier League has ever won the Fifa World Player of the Year before. That's b'coz powerful governing bodies of football such as FIFA ( Federation of International Football Association) & UEFA ( Union of European Football Association) actually holds the Champions League in a much higher esteem compared to the likes of the domestic leagues.
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