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we can try putting ronaldo in the wing and giving them trouble with his pace...rooney in the left....berbatov up front...carrick,anderson and scholes in the middle...evra,ferdinand,vidic,and o'shea(?) in defence..VDS on is it?

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Not the game I was expecting, but I'm sure it'll be equally as nail-biting.

As of right now, I fancy the same team that played last night, but Giggs instead of Fletcher - to start the final.
Yeah id go along with that aswell!

we should cause Barca huge troubles with them missing Alves (best right back in the world?:rofl:) and Abdal will be a tight game but i fancy us to win it :D

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Barca are without their full backs Alves and Abidal.
Im delighted we are playing a weakened Barca rather than Chelsea.
Cmon United.
Absolutely. This is the key. Barca's defence is weaker than ours anyway, but now it's even weaker than usual.

Also, for all the possession Barca had against Chelsea, they didn't really create any clear-cut chances, I don't think Cech had many saves to make, and Messi was pretty quiet.

Gonna be a difficult game, definitely, and hopefully it'll be an entertaining one, but I'm actually pretty confident.

Lets attack them. Bring it on. :cool:

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18.03 The home team should always wear the official first-choice kit announced to
the UEFA administration on the entry form, unless the teams concerned
agree otherwise in due time, in which case details should be submitted to the
UEFA administration in writing. If the referee decides on the spot that the
colours of the two teams could lead to confusion, the home team must wear
other colours for reasons of practicality. For the final, both teams may wear
their home colours. However, if there is a clash, the team designated as the
“away” team must wear alternative colours. If a clash still exists and the team
officials are unable to agree, the UEFA administration will decide on the
everything i have seen upto now has put barca as the home side.

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before tonights game i wanted chelsea in the final because i thought barcelona were the toughest test but having seen this game its quite clear that barcelona struggle against english teams big time and they were terrible against chelsea and should have conceded 4 penalties .
the final is certainly world footballs glamour game and there will be goals thats for sure but barcelona will miss both full backs and i really fancy utds chances of making it number 4 against an overrated barcelona team ! bring em on .:thumbsup:
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