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we are to..

i dont have words to tell you how much i ampleased. i am just over the moon.
yestrday we were half hearted. We dont want chealse win arse and also we dont want arse to win !Arse fans where singing we we lost against milan and we dont want then to beat cheals as it is a trophy for them to win chealse even it s on penality and chealse is down to ten( not convincing).when the game is over we told each other not to sing and called the local FM radio station ;
" when the red armies surrendur the triumph we conquer the world ! just wait till
gigs lifts! "
firworks are ready ,it is like a year till wensday.In two weeks time we have arranged to wear t-shirt(red) but we havent come to agree what should be written on. propossed
" united is a religion"
"unite till i die"
" always united"
i hope soon to read from you!
wherever you are we love you
loyal to the end
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