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Charlton Athletic v Man Utd

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Charlton vs Manchester United

DATE: Wednesday 23rd August 2006.


LIVE ON: Sky Sports 2.

Our second Premiership Game of the Season is a trip to the Valley, which is a good hunting ground for us, as we seem to win there every time. Charlton lost their opening game to West Ham 3-1, and we should be in confident mood when we face them.

The last time we came to the Valley, we saw some brilliance from Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who scored a fantastic goal, which he volleyed home from close range. He then scored a goal from outside the box, his very first goal has scored from outside the box, but good old Ruud won't be helping us this time round.

I should mention Alan Smith, who also scored a goal against Charlton, and I believe that was his last goal too, I'm not sure though. I'm looking forward to this game, we can beat Charlton, but how many will we win by?

PREDICTION: Charlton 0-2 Manchester United


2003/2004 Season: Charlton 0-2 Manchester United
2003/2004 Season: Manchester United 2-0 Charlton
2004/2005 Season: Manchester United 2-0 Charlton
2004/2005 Season: Charlton 0-4 Manchester United
2005/2006 Season: Charlton 1-3 Manchester United
2005/2006 Season: Manchester United 4-0 Charlton

MATCHDAY FACT: Manchester United have beaten Charlton 6 Times in the last 3 Seasons, they have scored 17 goals, and only let in 1 goal.
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last 3 matches ended with 4 goals... will it be the same tis time
Desperately need 3 pts here, we are without Roonster and Scholesy.

I predict 0-2 for United, Saha and Ronaldo with goals.
looks like we will be going in with this formation

----park------giggs-----O shea---richie-

looks good enough to beat charlton.
Wonderful result, and chelsea losing made it all the more better. :D
This was a good win indeed early on in the season, and yeah, it was great to see Chelski slip up :)

Ronaldo and Giggs were all over the park today, and deserve credit for the win.
Was a good game and we definetly derserved the win. Charlton were lucky it was only 3 in the end as it could have been much much more.

It was great to finally see Ole on the scoreboard :D
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