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SeanUnited said:
I hate all three, msn and real life's all I use x<
At least someone talks sense : )
On any of those things do you know the creator is who they say they are ?
Anyone can go on and create an identity of say a 14 year old lad/girl and get lots of kids to reply. :eek:
Being the dad of 4 teenagers, 2 lads 2 girls, i teach them how to be safe.
To show them what i meant we went onto , I typed my name in as SuziGal12, within seconds i was hit on by dozens of guys from 15 - 55 yrs old asking all sorts of pervy things. Told them all i was 12 years old and the conversations got worse....well you can guess the rest.
Certainly made my girls a lot more aware of people being fakes.
Oh and a good place to go is , type it in and see what goes on in these sort of places.
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