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Chelsea Fans : Glory Hunters ?

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You never know what money does to people. I believe that Chelsea fans are glory-hunters ! Let me explain , These things entered my mind soon after Jose left and Chelsea were centre stage in the media. You remember on Grand-Slam Sunday at the Bridge when Arsenal scored first ? The crowd were chanting 'You dont know what you are doing !'. Thats not the chants you want at a home game. What does Grant do ? Bring on Balleti and Anelka.... Two long balls and Chelsea have won ! All is well again ? Grant has 2 cups rather silverware in sight , and Chelsea fans want him sacked ? Semi-Finals of CL and you sack a manager ? Just cos he's not open in Media ? Not flamboyant or do they want a new manager .... with new buys ? Glory Hunters eh ? At the home game Versus Boro' I saw a woman sleeping ? These a re chelsea fans ? Hmm.... not true fans ! :rolleyes:
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Red Devil said:
Glory hunters infest every top club; Roy Keane calls them the Prawn sandwich brigade "Oh darling, I simply do NOT have anything to wear!" type of people.

Chelski were always the "toffs" club in London, right back to early days. They were struggling with crowds of half full to three quarter full under previous managers like Hoddle and Ranieri. When Abramobitch arrived and started buying whole teams; the prawns came out of their "town" apartments and began to buy season tickets. They support no team but are seen "where it's at" ...............................

The same people can be found in the West End bars with their bottles of Bud and Pimms. OK ya?
That is so true.

But I wouldn't class those supporters as football gloryhunters. I would class them as personal gloryhunters if you know what I mean. They know nothing about football, but they go because Man United are the biggest, most glamourous team, with the best stadium, and when they say "I've got a season ticket at Old Trafford" it makes THEM look good. But saying that, United do have football gloryhunters, but every big club as Gloryhunters. I mean, when a club has major success, their fanbase grows. How does that work?

One example is someone who goes to the same school as me. He went to my old Primary School as well, and he is a Rangers supporter. At Primary School he always said his favourite English team was Arsenal (this was about 2002) and earlier this year, I see him walking around school with a Man United strip on. How does that work?!?!?!
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