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Chel$ki rentboys' reactions to THAT deafeat

Enjoy my brthers and sisters! :D

Apart from losing to Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United, Scolari is good enough.
What about stupid draws against Tottenham, Newcastle, Fulham etc.
Scolari needs to go IMHO, It's getting ridiculous.
I would do anything to have Jose back.
What a joke we are fast becoming...
Scolari has to go. Rumours of a board meeting tomorrow are coming out of Stamford Bridge ? Anyone know anything of this ?
Sack this clown now!
go to Everton and get Moyes
Unfortunately Big Phil is not the answer, today it was embarassing, I wonder what Jose was thinking? I want to know what plan A is, no matter what plan B&C is. Dont you find it ironic that Roman wanted world domination with Chelsea and I truly believe he would have achieved it with Jose. Somehow a dreadful mistake has occurred. Is'nt it weird how Roman's recession and Chelsea's started the minute he sacked, the best manager the world has ever seen. AND WHY O WHY O WHY.
we played much better under grant... I still don't know why we sacked him..
Scolari isn't good enough for the Premier League.
Sack him now and bring in Frank Rijkaard!
I agree, just bloody quit! your crap and your ruined our pride, our club and basically everyting else!!! We want your head if not. It really does kill me to see this happen to chelsea
SCOLARI OUT. I said it last week, and I say it again. The Man Utd Team of this season is surely the poorest Utd-team of a decade. What does that say of Chelsea? It's unbelievable. Scolari has succeeded in half a season to completely destroy one of the best teams in the world. Not even Avram Grant - who was a poor manager as well - could manage that. SCOLARI OUT. Best wishes, Jan
-14 points compared to last year means 71 points. That might not even be good enough for fourth.
I fear if we manage to beat Liverpool away we will be just helping Man United to three titles on the trot. But there's still a way to go I suppose.
My math might've been off. We now have 17 games left in the Premiership.
We now have to win 13 of the next 17 games now to get 85 points, and we'd have to draw the other 4 games.
Last season, that wasn't even enough, 85 points.
Our chances are ending very, very quick.
Ranieri must be grinning like a cat in a pigeon farm right now, too.
Yup. I feel the ex-manager humiliation will continue. What's Vialli doing these days?....
I said the majority of the people aren't Chelsea fans who are there to support their team and make themselves herd like there is at places with a good atmosphere, wheres its the other way around. didn't say that every person there has to be some hooligan, cause thats just how chelsea fans are, most of them are like middle class people who just want to see a game.

Scolari is good enough for...............

1) Newcastle
2) Tottenham
3) Everton

He's a nice guy but appears to have the tactical know how of Graeme Souness
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